Jasper National Park

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Alberta, Canada

Jasper National Park Reviews

loripori loripori
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Jasper National Park, at over 10,800 square miles, contains the largest icefield south of the Arctic Circle (Columbia Icefield). Jasper, along with Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks and Mount Robson, Hamber and Assiniboine Provincial Parks in B.C. form the world-renowned Canadian Rockies. The park is famous for its landscapes and wildlife.

Archaeological finds indicate that people were travelling these valleys 9000 years ago. Aboriginal people assisted early European explorers in their quest to cross the Rockies nearly 200 years ago and Metis families were homesteading along the Athabasca River when Jasper National Park was established in 1907.

ATHABASCA PASS - Jasper National Park

Saturday morning, June 7, Hans and I headed south from Jasper along Highway 93. We stopped at this scenic view of ATHABASCA PASS, elevation 1748 metres. It sure was a breathtaking sight and it was just the beginning of many wondrous things we would see in Jasper National Park.

ATHABASCA RIVER - Jasper National Park

Running along the Icefield Parkway, the ATHABASCA RIVER is funnelled into a narrow canyon cut in hard, quartz-rich sandstone rock. Views along the river are magnificent and you can hear the thunderous roar of the Athabasca Falls.


For thousands of years, the powerful Athabaska River has been carving a narrow gorge through the Rocky Mountains. Where the river empties out over the cliff 32 kilometres south of Jasper townsite, ATHABASCA FALLS are a breathtaking sight with jagged cliff overhangs and brilliant flashes of spray. The Falls are a must-see in Jasper.


Another breathtaking waterfall ,SUNWAPTA FALLS is found just 55 kilometres(33 miles) south of Jasper townsite. The Stoney Nations's word "Sunwapta" means "turbulent river" and a more apt description could not be found for this unpredictable watercourse plummeting over the cliffs into a deep canyon. If you follow the river back from the cliffs, you find that it flows northwest for a majority of its length and then changes course to the southwest toward the falls

Address: Ice Field Parkway Jasper National Park

Directions: Sunwapta Falls is located 55 Km (33 miles) south of Jasper.
Lori and Hansi - Athabaska Pass Lo…
Athabaska Pass
Athabaska River
Athabaska Falls
loripori says:
Its a beautiful Park Jim - not to be missed.
Posted on: Feb 23, 2017
BASAIC says:
I hope to look at this park en route to Alaska someday fairly soon.
Posted on: Feb 23, 2017
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Allons-y Allons-y
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Ultimate "Cowboy" Experience Jun 03, 2012
I had the amazing opportunity to work for an outfitter in Brule, Alberta(www.horsebackadventuresltd.com). There, you are able to go out into the beautiful outdoors, and spent 4 to 10 days either in cabins or tents to places such as Wilmore Wilderness Park/Jasper National Park, to areas which are accessible only by horseback. I absolutely loved it, and recommend it for any outdoors enthusiast who loves camping, the outdoors, good food and just an alltime amazing experience. I was working, and I loved it - as a guest, it'd be even more amazing. If you are not fond of horses, however, this may not be for you. You can, of course, go hiking and other activities in the parks, but I don't have any knowledge of such, sorry! If you have any more questions, feel free to message me! I have tons to tell :)
South Boundary Trip, Jasper Nation…
South Boundary Trip, Jasper Nation…
South Boundary Trip, Jasper Nation…
South Boundary Trip, Jasper Nation…
rsvpme says:
Nice review..beautiful photos.....The mountains are heaven !
Posted on: Jul 29, 2012
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