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japonka_G japonka_G
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some tips for travellers going to Japan Aug 29, 2013
Before you go to's good to check calendar of their festivals..there are maaaany types of summer time the most famous is Matsuri...people wear then yukatas not komonos ;)) I've visited many times the most famous tample in Tokio - Asakusa..the most interesting way to get there is by a boat..that trip takes about 1 hour..views are amazing ;)) talking about tamples...number one for me is NIKKO! you have to go there ;))) the main thing which I miss is Japanese the bigger hypermarkets every day after 8 p.m. you are able to buy lunch boxes (you can choose between sashimi, all kinds of sushi, "kotlets" and many;)) with a very big discount ;)) it's really tasty ;)) all funs of Japanese anime should visit GHIBLI MUSEUM IN MITAKA - this is an amazing place!!! Girls who like shopping ;P you should buy some Japanese cosmetics brands like Kenzo, Shiseido etc. shampoos are very cheap there...aspecially real BB creams ;-D
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faulkmore faulkmore
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Where i'd recommend going. And where not to go... May 28, 2009
I'm a local in Tokyo. I'd recommend staying in Tokyo the entire trip. Going to Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Miyajima, Hiroshima are tremendous bores. Visiting shrines is like feeding money grubbing local mafia idol worshiping hedonistic types that have an average age of 70yo.

If you get to know Tokyo by walking around and harassing the locals you'll have a really good time. And you won't tire yourself out and you won't have to visit Grandma and Grandpa at every step.

So in Tokyo Things "not" to do

Asakusa (another fffcking shrine skip it)

Kamakura (Enoshima is next door, go there)

Tokyo Tower (Go to Roppongi and enjoy the night life instead, remember to grab the ass of the Chinese massage girls)

Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo Sea (it's in the middle of no where. I've never gone. How lame...)

Osaka Castle (called Osakajo). Big white building looks like a hotel inside. So fake...

Fuji Mountain (only open in July and August). It's fcccking torture and it's full with old people. I warned you about the middle of no where. It's really really boring.

Places that if you miss you're Grandchildren will think you're lame

Ginza "300 bar" (One near Yurakucho station other near Shimbashi station)

Shibuya "Tasuichi"

Shibuya O-bar

Shibuya Coin bar (find anyone of these and just ask the others are close by)

Shibuya Treasure Chest (has pole dancing sometimes!!)

Omote sando Pink Cow

Omote Sando Cosmo Cafe

Shinjuku Dubliners (OK this place has some old people too, but it's relaxing place to grab a pint)

Takao Mountain. About an hour from Tokyo. It's a hiking experience and you can end up at an onsen (hot spring bath) at the end of your hike.

Enoshima. "shima" means island. Go to the back of the Island. Go out onto the rocks and go swimming there. The locals will think you are crazy, but that is because they are complete drones. It's a wild swim. I've done it several times. Be careful getting out of the water so you don't get cut up on the rocks.

Harajuku -- Yoyogi park Great place to hang out. Also some cosplay going on at the bridge on the way to the park. Meiji Shrine is nice. Go on a nice walk through the forest. Resist the temptation to visit the Shrine it's a bore.

Tsukiji Fish Market -- Open in the wee hours of the morning. Never gone there when it's open. There are other places in Tokyo to eat sushi at. I'd skip this one.

Make sure to buy i guide book. Don't ffcking read it. Walk around town with your guide book and ask questions you already know the answer to or you don't care what the answer is. Once you've broke the ice, try to be clingy inviting who ever you meet to the next place you're going. The more obnoxious the more fun you'll have on your trip to Tokyo.

Guide books work wonders. And actually not knowing Japanese is a plus, too!

Another suggestion is to meet up with the locals and go with them on a night out on the town.

Also check out the international parties. Here is the party page
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spdwagon spdwagon
2 reviews
Jun 14, 2007

Enjoy! It's a safe country and people are generally helpful toward travellers


Avoid travelling during rush hours...unless you want to experience what it is like to be pushed into a train by the "pushers"


Be open-minded about will enjoy the country more. But western food is always available anywhere you go.


A little bow, modesty and Sumimasen (excuse me) will take you a long way....
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spdwagon says:
Thanks for your comment. My style is not force-feed what people should/shouldn't do.
Posted on: Jun 08, 2009
faulkmore says:
Don't think this is incredibly useful information for a traveler. Better to recommend places to go rather than saying, "Oh Japan what a wonderful place". There traveller reading it is not going to get anything from it. If you must write such comments then write it in a blog.
Posted on: May 28, 2009

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