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899 Burrard Street, Vancouver, Canada
www.japadog.com - (604) 667-4663
Japadog - Part of their menu.
Japadog - Jin agrees, Japadog rules.
Japadog - Japadog hot dog stand.
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Japadog Vancouver Reviews

keenriser keenriser
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Expensive, but delicious Apr 30, 2012
Not hindered by any kind of investigation before I headed out to Vancouver, I was walking off my jetlag downtown when I smellt food. As an impulsive traveler, whenever I smell food I'm suddenly hungry (if it smells good enough).

This was definitely the case with Japadog. Initially I was shocked to see the prices, a regular hot dog goes for $3.75 and I was all about set to buy the cheapest one when I thought I might as well splurge and get a Japanese 'weird' hot dog.

Although I have been to Japan, I have mostly tried avoiding eating seaweed because it didn't really sound very tasty. On this hot dog however, it fit the theme so I rolled with it. I went for the 'spicy cheese terimayo', at $8 (plus tax) it's not even remotely the cheapest junk food I've had in my life, but it was absolutely delicious!

I would probably not specifically go back for a dog, but if I happen to chance upon a stand wherever I'm walking, I would definitely stop to get one.
The Japadog cart when I first whif…
The menu
The hot dog in question
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jennfive5 jennfive5
1 reviews
Hot Dogs are NOT generally my thing but, Jul 02, 2011
I can't remember why or when I tried Japadog for the first time, but I think I was staying at The Sutton Place if I recall, and was tempted by the line and smell. And now, it is a must stop every time I'm in Vancouver, regardless if its an 5 day trip or a 5 hour trip. I will make the effort to get one.

IF you are in Vancouver, you MUST try this! These hot dogs are HUGE, but I will still manage to eat two somehow. Again, not generally a fan of mayonnaise, BUT make sure you saturate your damn food with the wasabi mayo. Ridiculous! Be prepared to wait a while for it, but it is absolutely worth it. And don't be surprised if you're standing in front of a celebrity, because I have rubbed shoulders and talked hot dogs/Vancouver with MANY here!

PS: You'll thank me later. ;)
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David David
22 reviews
A delicious hotdog Feb 15, 2010
In the run up to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, most T.V. stations were running specials on the city in British Colombia. As a fan of traveling (well duh!) and food I was tuned into Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel. They were running a special on Vancouver.

In this episode Anthony reviews a number of local eateries in Vancouver. One of them being Japadog--a hot dog stand with a Japanese twist. Japadog is not hard to find, ask anyone walking down the sidewalks of downtown Vancouver and you’ll be pointed to the closest stand. In fact, they have a couple located throughout downtown.

We were in-between lunch and drinking, in that purgatory state where you just want a quick bite to eat so you aren’t hurting later in the day. So for a quick bite to eat we headed over to Japadog at the corner of Burrard and Smithe.

The majority of their hot dogs are Terimayo style, which involves teriyaki sauce, japanese mayo, and then topped off with seaweed. I went with the beef terimayo which was delicious. I always have ketchup on my hot dogs, which for many of us is a standard dressing. With that in mind, the first bite was unexpected. But as I continued eating my taste buds and mind re-adjusted, realizing that I have tasted seaweed and teriyaki before. Pretty soon I devoured my japadog in a few minutes. Leaving my hunger satisfied and wallet fuller for things like ... well who am I kidding, it’s the Olympics--more beer!
Japadog hot dog stand.
Part of their menu.
Jin agrees, Japadog rules.
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