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28 Westferry Circus, London, United Kingdom
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Nov 21, 2007
Random decision to hit Jamies. It was a the last day of term....and we wanted to partay!...however, we had an unexpected visitor..which didn't help.

It actually started with us (dhussain and I) drinking with the work lot at the Good Sam (Our local pub). However, everyone there was so boring, talking about teacher-ish stuff, and we just couldn't hack it after about an hour of drinking as much as we could to drown out their voices. I was actually surprised that we'd put up with them for quite a while! However, it got worse when a few teachers we don't particularly get along with, decided to join us. It was then, we had a vote to leave, and go somewhere with a better atmosphere and good music!

Dil suggested Jamies, having been there once before with MaryM, and was craving for a cosmo (something you'd definitely not get at the GoodSam..lol) But being slightly drunk and a bit too over friendly, she started inviting everyone. Luckily most people gave it a miss, apart from one guy. This was the guy we actually spent most of out time 'bitching' about at the Good Sam, and now he was going to join u for a drink at Jamies. Nice going Dil!

We decided to grab a bite to eat (in order to sober up..it was about 6ish..lol), and then head to Jamies with a cab. Only problem, Dil didn't know exactly where the place was, and being quite tipsy, she couldn't really remeber the road. She came up with a road in the end, and so the cabbie drove as there. I couldn't see a Jamies...hmmmm....Dil was adament that we'd find it eventually, we just had to walk up and down the road continuously until she spotted something familiar...or didn't in some cases. A while later she figured it out, and we got to Jamies. It was quite full, but not really as packed as i had expected, but judging by the fact that it is tucked away in a corner, plus there were works going on near by, it was a good crowd.

We went in and dil ordered her cosmo straight away. I started to feel really ill again, and wisely chose to drink water only. My head was killing me like anything, and being around the most annoying person (the guy not dil!) didn't help at all!

However, jamie was a good bar. It was pretty expensive, only because its a riverside bar, but the atmosphere was good. Staff were great aswell. Will definitely be going back...this time without randoms!
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