Jamaica (Ocho Rios and Montego Bay)

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Jamaica (Ocho Rios and Montego Bay) Reviews

mneerman mneerman
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Eh, try to avoid.... Jun 17, 2011
Our cruise took port in Montego Bay, Jamaica. While the country itself has its beauty, MB is not one of them. It was very sad to get off the cruise ship and see the poverty that was surrounding us. We never felt 110% safe in the area so we decided to take an excursion elsewhere.
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PhinsAndGills PhinsAnd…
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Jamaica (Ocho Rios and Montego Bay) Nov 23, 2005
I've stayed a week in Montego Bay and been to Ocho Rios on day and cruise ship trips. Personally, I liked Montego Bay a bit better, but I think more cruise ships pull into Ocho Rios.

Jamaica is ALIVE! The island has a vibe about it that can't be described. While not everyone in Jamaica embraces the flood of tourism, everyone I've met in Jamaica was friendly, easy-going, and believed firmly in "feeling irie" at all times. :)


1. DUNN'S RIVER FALLS - Yes it's a tourist rite-of-passage and you need to be careful to not go during tourist high-time (on a ship trip), but it's an amazing experience. Don't avoid the straw market just because someone else told you it's too "pushy". Experience it for yourself.

2. CANOPY TOUR - again, another fairly touristy attraction, but worth every penny and every second. Riding a zip-line through the jungles of Jamaica is incredible.

3. APPLETON ESTATE RUM - Simply the best rum in the Caribbean. 'Nuff said.

4. JABLUM Blue Mountain Coffee is the most incredible coffee on the face of the earth. It may be a bit pricy on the island, but it's astronomically priced here in the states (if you can even find it) so STOCK UP while your there all you caffeine junkies!

5. The people are very friendly. Talk about reggae music and local bands. If you're a music lover, this is the island for you!


1. The last time I was at Ocho Rios, they had built a large, expensive, tourist trap in which passengers were herded into. It had some stereotypical, overpriced Caribbean bars (However, I LOVE Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville), duty-free shopping (jewlery, handbags, liquor, etc. etc.) and a lame attempt at "traditional" Jamaican music (the same steel drum music heard throughout the Caribbean - don't get me wrong, i LOVE steel pan music, but don't call it distinctively Jamaican if it's not. Sorry but "Guantanamera" is NOT a Jamaican song...) My best advice, hit Margaritaville and look BEYOND the tourist trap.

2. Some vendors can be a bit pushy. I found this more true in Montego Bay than Ocho Rios.

3. Taxis are required to get to the falls, many of the best beaches, etc. However there is quite a bit to do near the ship in Ocho Rios.

4. is only listed as a con because I listen to people talk. Jamaica gets a really bad rap. But I will now turn a con into a pro because I'm not good at cons anyway. Don't skip out on an island because someone said they thought it was "dirty", "unsafe", "rude". I've found none of these words to be true about Jamaica.
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