Jad'iatooh restaurant

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533 Marina Parkway, Page, AZ, USA
Jad'iatooh restaurant - The floating restaurant named Jad'i Atooh
Jad'iatooh restaurant - The floating restaurant named Jad'i Atooh

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acowboy acowboy
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Another Tourist Trap Surrounded By Beautiful Scenary Jul 06, 2008
The only reason I rate this place as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED is because of the location! I mean this is the new restaurant they built in Antelope Marina. I believe this is their base foundation... slips, gift shop, launching ramp, dry storage, boat rentals and of course the floating restaurant! I mean just looking at this floating palace is AMAZING! I mean they made it so that you could just pull up from the water in a speed boat and park - then walk right in. VERY PIMP! They try to convience you from the parking aspect since its a long walk with golf carts. It helps if you have the chance to get picked up with your car, but for those who have to walk... yeah... enought said... lol.

I had the opportunity to try out the new place, unfortunately enough for me, i had to walk half way before anyone say a 6'5'' indian walking up to the welcoming enterance area. Lucky for me i knew some of these people and they said their friendly hellos and then swiped me out from the desert heat. Once we passed the welcome enterance there is a steep ramp down to the boat rentals, restaurant/gift shop...ect. Such a bumpy road which i thought the driver could make smoother but seemed to want to get there quicker. They dropped off right in front of the restaurant and was met with a friendly smile from the hostess. I was seated right next to the window with a view! I couldn't help but look at the beauty of the rocks and water. I was thinking about going out to the deck and jumping right into the water (yes it was that close!!)

Soon after I was given a heart attack when the bread guy sneaked up on me and just threw down the bread down. I tried to say "THANKS" but the kid just disappeared as fast as he appeared. Honestly kinda creapy!I choose the Chicken Tuscano, sounded great on the menu... I has given great service by the main man ROURKE... if you get him, you are in good hands... = ) Enjoyed the so-so meal, kinda bland and was expecting a lil more out of the 20$ meal. To get into detail my steamed veggies were overwhelmed with some type of spice, my wild rice wasn't very wild... very plain, and my Tuscano Chicken felt like it had just been reheated. But it was a great experience considering the location, can't complain about that what so ever! The customer service was iffy and the food left little to be desired.

The only thing that could of been improved structural speaking was having the walk way to the houseboat rentals/gas station in front of the windows. I mean I saw lil kids enjoying them selves with the fountain that sprays from the ground, which didn't leave me to complain much until I saw that more and more people were staring inside and one of the little kids puked what seemed to be his guts into the lake... which kinda ruined my whole appetite, but hey, thats kids right? Also the constant running of the buggies with lights blinding me (after the sun had set - safety reasons I would have to imagine). I just can't wait till what I hear should be a resort and casino. That of which rivals the Lake Powell and Marinas Resort on the other side of town. Even though I prefer the scenary of the Rainbow Rooms view (Lake Powell and Marinas higher elevated restaurant) but that is another review.

Soon came my buggie to take back to my car, this time we had to travel back up the steep ramp.. and ya know with a big boy like myself.. it was a long process due to the extra weight the buggie had to endure. But we arrived safely to my car and tipped the nice man and I was on my merry lil way...
The floating restaurant named Jad'…
yheleen says:
thanks for sharing Adrian ;)
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
sincitytraveler says:
Cool review Adrian!
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
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