Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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Lijiang, China

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang Reviews

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The North Holy Mountain -- Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Dec 15, 2009
Granted as the North Holy Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the spiritual prop of the Naxi. The Jade Snow Mountain range is a nice vacationing spot with great potential for snow sightseeing, mountaineering, explorations and scientific investigation.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain) is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Consisting of 13 peaks, among which Shanzidou is the highest one with an altitude of 5,600 meters (18,360 feet), Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stretches a length of 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a width of 20 kilometers (13 miles).

There is snow all the year round on the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. From a distance it looks like a huge dragon flying among the clouds, hence its was name 'Jade Dragon Snow Mountain'. It is the soul of both Lijiang City and Naxi nationality.

Experts say that it has the southernmost glacier in the North Hemisphere. Of all the 13 peaks on the mountain, Shanzidou is the highest with an altitude of 5,596 meters above sea level.

15 kilometers north of Lijiang County Town, this magnificent snow-capped mountain sprawls 35 kilometers from north to south. According to the geologists' research, for about 400 million years the area around Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was the ocean and it was during the last 600 thousand years that the different landscapes had come into being because of the uprising of the lithosphere.

Owing to the different altitudes of the mountain part, a combination of multifarious climates and temperatures is conspicuous and is conspicuous and is attributed to the mountain’s modern oceanic glacial period. The mountain is well-known habitat of azaleas and rhododendrons.

Thanks to the cable way of 2968 meters, tourists can easily reach the spot which is 4500m above sea level to enjoy the perpetual snow there.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain now has become a draw for tourists or travelers. The major spots include 3 cable cars to the 3 sites on the mountains (snowline, Yak Meadow and Cloud Fur Meadow), Ganhaizi (meadow, highland pasture), White Water River and nearby Naxi Wenhai Village.

The Dongba Culture of Naxi ethnic group has been known as an invaluable treasure of Chinese heritage. The Naxi have a long history of civilization. It is the Naxi’s Dongba religion that has created the Dongba culture kept it to the modern time. It includes hieroglyph, scriptures of Dongba religion, Dongba paintings, Dongba music and dances, etc.
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