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650 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
(415) 869-1900
Jade Bar - The entry level with upper lounge area
Jade Bar - The lounge with a 'koi-less' koi pond and waterfall along the wall
Jade Bar - Jade Bar sign
Jade Bar - Jade Bar - walk too fast & you'll miss it
Jade Bar - The bar at happy hour
Jade Bar - This shot was taken the day after the Meetup.

Jade Bar San Francisco Reviews

leah151 leah151
30 reviews
Cozy, classy spot for cocktails & appetizers Feb 28, 2008
Twice now I've had occasion to patron the Jade Bar in San Francisco's Hayes Valley. First, for my friend's 30th birthday celebration and next for our own TravBuddy meet up. If it wasn't for being introduced to it initially by my friend having the party there, I would've never noticed this little spot just two blocks from where I've worked for years.

This unique bar is set apart by its waterfall streaming 20 feet (they tell us) down to the lower lounge and ending in a fountain pool of sorts. The entry level of the bar has very little seating and both visits I've seen it packed standing-room only. Fortunately, an upper loft lounge area provides more seating and the lower lounge is the most spacious area of this intimate venue with it's cushioned seats lining the walls and the pool edge. Ingeniously, little drink trays are positioned by the pool so there's always a place to set your drink down. You wouldn't know it unless you take pictures with a flash camera, but the walls are a jade green in keeping with the bar's theme.

They have happy hour Monday through Friday from 5 to 7:30 p.m. and all night long on Sundays with special pricing on many of their signature cocktails such as the Jade Cocktail. I tried several of their specials and have to say, they are very good! Try enough of them and you'll definitely need a taxi home (or hop on the 5 Fulton just for the hell of it since it's right there)! I can assuredly recommend the Jade Cocktail, the Liquid Chocolate, the Rising Sun and I'm pretty sure the Love Potion #9 although after those first three cocktails, my memory grows fuzzy (thank goodness I didn't drive!)! Even at non-happy hour prices, it was reasonable at around $7 on average for these tasty concoctions.

I can also attest to the hors d'oeuvres that they serve. They are very good with their Asian-influence style and if you love fish, both the smoked salmon points and the ahi tuna on 4 spoons is delicious! The chicken skewers and spring rolls are pretty darn good too. Jade Bar is a stylish, cozy spot to have a bite and get your drink on! I know one of these days I'll have to swing by during happy hour...any TravBuddies want to join me??
Jade Bar sign
Jade Bar - walk too fast & you'll …
The entry level with upper lounge …
The lounge with a 'koi-less' koi p…
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X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
Jan 12, 2008
This small three level bar is not much to see from the street. Very non-obtrusive. Done entirely in green colors it has used every inch of available space. The main floor seems quite small, but also houses the restrooms, which include a one-way mirror (only in the men’s room). Don’t even ask why. Up the stairs to the balcony area are ottomans to relax on. The basement downstairs is the largest and has the biggest bar but the low ceiling almost made you feel cramped. Maybe that is why they seat you on low ottomans and seating along the walls. The front wall is about a twenty foot waterfall that cascades down and finishes in a small lighted pond in the basement. Take care going down the stairs to the lower level, or you will get wet.

I understand this place used to house the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but now sees a totally different crowd each evening. Happy Hour offers specials on drinks and they offer a small number of Asian-style plate snacks.

It was a good thing that our meetup didn't get any larger.

There is one other oddity about this establishment. Food was prepared and delivered thru a door in the basement that was the front wall of the bar. So it appears the kitchen in under the street?! Very odd.
This shot was taken the day after …
worldcitizen worldcit…
84 reviews
Jan 12, 2008
This is a three level bar Hayes Valley. You walk into the middle level which is a small bar, upstairs there is a loft which I didn't check out and downstairs is the lounge area. There is a "waterfall" that runs down the side of the bar and splashes your face with water if you get close to it as you walk down the stairs.

The downstairs is small and dark and cavernous. The pool of water makes it a little bit humid later in the night so it's kind of like being in a tropical cave. It has a Japanese theme and there are couches along the walls, stools and small tables. The walls are green and the bars and some of the walls are decorated with pretty green, tan and turquoise tiles.

They have a lot of girly cocktails here and I really liked their signature drink, the Jade Cocktail. It tastes kind of like key lime pie. Apparently for their Sunday-Friday happy hour, they are just $2. I also had the Ahi Tuna on four spoons which was just a tad too salty but enjoyable.

The bartender was really friendly and seemed amused by our group. He handled our crowd well and took group photos for us. I would definitely go back to Jade Bar, maybe with a small group of friends or for a casual girl's night out. Maybe it's just because we were there with a bunch of TBers, but it had the atmosphere of party at a friends' apartment which is a good thing.

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