Jabal Shams Travel Guide

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Jabal Shams Overview

Jabal Shams (also Jebel Shams) is a mountain in the Hajar range and the highest point in Oman at 10,000 feet / 3,050 meters. Rather appropriately, Jabal Shams translates to "mountain of the sun" and the peak is frequently doused in sunlight and rich blue skies.

Located in the Dakhiliyah region of Oman, one should be respectful of the elevation and not be persuaded by allusions to sunlight that Jabal Shams is warm. Even in the summer the nights get chilly and if you overnight it is advisable to pack along some warm clothes. The area has many splendid hiking trails and it is wonderful place to explore, but population is sparse and amenities exceedingly limited, so remember to pack along whatever you might require during your time here.