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Japan, Odaiba, Japan - 03-5500-1801
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
JOYPOLIS - Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan

JOYPOLIS Odaiba Reviews

anewchapter anewchap…
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Multi-Storey Theme Park Jun 04, 2014
Joypolis is one of the main attractions at Odaiba's man made island. It's a multi-storey theme park aimed mainly at gaming enthusiasts.

There are three floors at the complex. The first floor's main attraction was the 'Halfpipe Canyon'. You are strapped into a board and go back and forth up a makeshift halfpipe whilst competing against fellow boarders. The ride was pretty busy when I arrived and I never got to have a go, which is probably a good thing as I was would have been so bad at it that someone would most likely have filmed it and put it on youtube for all to laugh at.

Also on the first floor is a sonic 3d mini-movie. This was short but quite enjoyable. There's no spoken dialogue so I didn't have to try and understand what a Japanese Sonic was saying.

On the second floor is the 'Sonic Carnival'. All arcades and attractions dedicated to Sonic. I had a go at a few of these and managed to win a bar of chocolate on one-Which doesn't sound like much but I was competing against two youngsters who didn't win anything. Oh the joy :)

There's also a few cool shoot em up arcade games on the second floor which I tried and sucked at, like 'Hummer' and 'Storm G'.

The third floor was less arcades and more physical attractions. The first I went to was Sadako 3d. I'm a huge fan of 'The Ring' films and was excited to actually find something in Japan that related to it. As I stood in line, two people were just coming out of the attraction looking like their heart had been racing. Bring it on! I was led into the darkened room where I was told I had to take a bunch of photos (with their camera) each time I saw something creepy. With each photo I took, a girl dressed up as Sadako chased me around each room with her arms outstretched. I'm not sure if it was the language barrier but I found the whole thing quite funny instead of scary. Even the female attendant showing me around found it quite funny. I guess a westerner looking lost whilst being chased by a girl with long black hair in a hospital gown would make anyone smile.

Without question the two best attractions of Joypolis were 'Wild River' and 'Wild Jungle'. These two are basically simulator rides that you would find somewhere like Disney or Universal but without the 45 minute queues. Alot of fun, bumpy and the occasional splash of water thrown in made for a good time.

In all, Joypolis was fun. The kind of place you would go to on a weekend with friends to chill out and have a laugh. I was hoping to find more vintage arcades there like 'Double Dragon' or 'Street Fighter' but maybe I'm just living in the 90's.
Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan
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anewchapter says:
Yeah Joypolis was fun but I wouldn't go out of my way or plan my day around it. The motion rides were definitely the best.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2014
Pearl510 says:
Oh so now I know someone who's been there. I've been doubting to... opted for the onsen insted but next time! You liked it, right? I thought the attractions wouldn't be so great since I'm not so good at arcade games and things like that, I'd go for the motion rides and such. You think it'd be worth it then? Because you know, next time ;)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2014
anewchapter says:
Haha yes, I'm definitely all over the place! If you do ever figure me out then let me know because I'd like to know too! :)
That attraction could make more money if they took a photo right before she grabs you like the jurassic park & indiana jones rides. I'd pay for the photo.
Posted on: Jun 05, 2014
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