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ys484 ys484
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The gateway to NYC Jan 14, 2016
I don't know about JFK airport so much, but I'd like to write an impression about this huge airport. I really felt JFK airport is an international airline hub in the true sense of the word. I won't forget the moment our plane was arriving at JFK. People in USA often say an airport is more like a bus station. But I guess most Japanese people can't think so. Boarding a plane and going abroad is still one major life event for us. JFK is one of the symbolic places of transportation in this cosmopolitan city.
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joeq65 joeq65
17 reviews
JFK to NYC inexpensive way. Nov 25, 2011
Transport to NYC from JFK and be far less expensive than taxis but not all options are created equal. I'd recommend this website for a starting point:



The general options are in order of increasing cost with pros and Cons of each:


Airtrain to NYC subway:

PRO: Cheapest option, Easy signage from every place in the airport to get to it, Generally don't have to go outside, generally not weather Dependent.

CON: Toting Baggage Thru transfer to AIRtrain and NYC subway, NYC subway is long trip with many stops and for a single woman perhaps not that safe.


Airtain to Long Island Railway:

NOTE: LI railway has frequent service from Jamaica Station and the cost is about $4.50 do NOT take Airtran to Far Rockaway if you want this option.

PRO: all of the above + drops you at Penn Station which is easy to walk to times square from or transfer to trains leading aywhere.

CON: Toting baggage Thru two train transfers. LI railway does however, generally eliminate concerns regarding length of trip and safety


Buses to Manhatten:

PRO: still inexpensive at between $13 and $15. Takes you direct to Manhattan

CON: More difficult to find where to pick up bus, May need to wait for bus to arrive, subject to traffic and weather


Shared Ride services (e.g. Super Shuttle):

PRO: still inexpensive at $15+, will take you directly to a mid-town hotel

CON: have to share with other riders and maybe make multiple stops before yours, Weather and traffic dependant.



PRO: convenience of going directly where you have to go. Easy to find and safe.

CON: Expensive at $45 flat rate to anyplace in Manhattan, weather and traffic dependent


Private car service:

PRO: Much like taxis except someone to meet you at arrival gate and help with Luggage

CON: Much more expensive and subject to weather and traffic delays



PRO: I've been told, though not tried that it is possible to take US Helicopter from Manhattan to JFK and check baggage in Manhattan and arrive plane side of Security. Obviously this is the ultimate in convenience and Luxury

CON: $$$$$$
hayku says:
A NYCAIRPORTER EMPLOYEE STOLE MY IPHONE! After leaving my iPhone on a nycairporter bus (admittedly, my mistake) that dropped me off at LaGuardia airport, my phone was stolen by a nycairporter employee. After getting off the bus and immediately realizing I had forgotten my iPhone, I called the customer service line and was told that they had found it and they would mail it to me. After going back and forth for days, they now say that they do not have the phone and higher management refuses to take my calls or answer my emails. I was told by a helpful employee (the one and only after many phone calls) that this has happened 3 – 4 times in the few years that he has worked there. Please do not give this company your money while they’re encouraging theft by not taking action!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2014
GeorgeLeach GeorgeLe…
70 reviews
New Yorks Largest Airport Jul 04, 2010
Divided into a few terminals, this is New York City's largest airport and home to most US airlines. It services and connects to destinations all over the world and has one of the world's highest footfalls. So why is there nothing there? Typically of American airports, it's more like a bus station with over-the-top security and little else of note. There's a WHSmith-like place in it and a couple fast-food palces but other than that its all seats.

Taxis and buses are availible into NYC.

Big and empty, I suggest turning up as late as possible.
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HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
How to negotiate and get to JFK Jun 10, 2010
The info is free, but flying is not. One must remember that JFK is a MASSIVELY large airport. One Christmas day, I was flying back to DC and was dropped off a little late. I had a backpack and the airport was fairly empty. There were about 3 people in front of me in security! Great! I figured I could run all the way to my gate. Well, it's so large that I had to run, walk, run, walk and finally reached my gate panting and heaving. Everything is so far apart, so when they say get there early, this is one of those airports where you must heed that warning.

There is so much space to walk to before you enter or exit.

When trying to get into the city, do what the locals do (now that it's ready!) Take the AirTrain for $5 (as of June 2010) to 1 of 2 train stations and then head into the city for $2.50. I think there are buses, just don't take a cab unless you have $50 to spare. To take the AirTrain, you have to read the signs to make sure you are getting on the right one going in the right direction. They have an interactive information board, but it's not super helpful and there is no one on the platform to ask questions to.
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
My international exit Airport Nov 28, 2009
New York's JFK international has for many years been my exit and re-entry Airport to and from many international destinations until recently when I began flying directly from Phoenix into London or Philadelphia to Amsterdam.

JFK is exceptionally busy and such a huge airport that the less avid traveler would find it hard to get around. with 7 large terminals for both domestic and international travel, JFK competes with the largest world airports, ranking among the top 10 busiest airports in the world.I have used terminals 3, 4 and 7 on various occassions: Terminal 4 has the international arrivals and departures for airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa and KLM.

Time is of the essence if one uses JFK, I still remember in 1998 when I missed my flight and had to wait for hours before the next flight. Last year I spent 8 hours in JFK with nothing to do and I was very upset. I had missed my connecting flight by 10 minutes due to immigration line up after arriving from Dubai.

I must commend the beauty of the airport and how well maintained it is.
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