Popular Cities in Ivory Coast

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Abidjan #1 most popular location
Though it isn't the official capital of Ivory Coast (that's Yamoussoukro), Abidjan does feel like it. It's large, it houses most of the nation's businesses, and it is one of the major seaport…
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Bouake #2 most popular location
Bouaké (or Bwake) is the second largest city in Côte d'Ivoire, with a population of 775,300. It is the chief town of Bouaké Department. Bouaké Department and Bouaké City lie in Vallée d…
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Grand-Bassam #3 most popular location
The French Admiral Méquet founded Grand-Bassam around 1842, it became the capital of the colony of Cote d'Ivoire in 1893 until 1896 but it remained for a long time the only port of Cote d'Iv…
Yamoussoukro #4 most popular location
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Marcory #5 most popular location
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Grand Bassam #6 most popular location
Grand Bassam is an old colonial town on the seaside that makes for the perfect daytrip from Abidjan. It is also where Alpha Blondy hails from.
Assinie-Mafia #7 most popular location