It's a Small World

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It's a Small World Disneyland Reviews

JudgeDredd JudgeDre…
37 reviews
Shoot Me Now! May 05, 2011
I have been on this ride a few times in my life and that was a few times too many! While in Disney World back in the early 90's my sister and I got stuck on this ride. We were stuck on it for what seemed like an eternity, but was really an hour or more. hour! Can you truly imagine hell on earth? Well I can after being stuck on that ride for an hour listening to that song over and over and over. We heard the loop so many times in the one area we were stuck in that I started eying the emergency exit and was just about to get up and leave but my little sister would not let me. I was to the point I was going to swim out if I really had to.

Needless to say I will NEVER EVER go on this ride again. Even if I have kids some day and they want to go on it...I would rather pay a complete stranger to take them on it before I subjected myself to the torture and trauma of It's a Small World.
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smitkm2 smitkm2
4 reviews
Hidden Mickeys Mar 25, 2011
This is a ride that most people do not go on more than one time. However, it makes it much more fun to try to find hidden mickeys and other disney characters. There is a book that will give you hints, and give the answers in the back. It made this ride much more interesting.
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jwilsonwsu jwilsonw…
52 reviews
Jun 21, 2007
Well here we are at the Small World. I could rant about the Small World forever. This ride probably doesn't deserve a star, but what the heck, I will be nice. So lets start at the line. The line is always ridiculously long, longer than it ever should be. It always amazes me, I assume its only first time visitors just trying to really see if this ride is all its hyped up to be. So after you wait a LONG time, you get into a boat (in water) with about 20 other people. You begin to float a along into this massive attraction. This is where it turns bad. The little audio-animatronics, all dressed to look like they are from different countries, sing the infamous song "It's a Small World" over and over, all through the ride. The whole point of this ride is to promote peace throughout the world. Rather this ride drives me to want to go insane and the last thing in my mind is peace. This ride is really not worth it, except once. I would advise everyone to ride it once, and once only. The only other time I would suggest going on it is during the Holiday season (starting in early November). During this time, the kids singing "Jingle Bells". I cringe every time I think of this ride.
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crazychica87 says:
Haha, this is EXACTLY how I felt when I went to Disneyland this past summer! It's a Small World made me want to stab all of my fellow passengers, including my friends! (Who were, for some sick reason, really enjoying themselves and the ride.)
Posted on: Jun 22, 2007
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Jun 21, 2007
I would only recommend going here if you are intentionally trying to traumatize your children. I went here once as a child, and the only thing I remember are demonic looking dwarves and creatures menacing me while confined to a dark, slow moving, small boat.

I tried to conquer my fear 15 years later, but the ride was closed down due to "maintenance", probably due to the fact that they had to evacuate some terrified kids who had passed out in the boats.
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pinchora says:
I think I might have been the only kid in the world who really liked that ride...I loved it. My uncle took me to Disney as a kid and dragged my Uncle and his GF on that ride countless times...I still have my 3 rolls of film from that ride..yes just that ride! It was I don't like it so much...I grew up a bit!
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
Pink_Wonder says:
all these years i thought i was the only one with an unnatural hate for the ride...perhaps we should all form a club :o)
Posted on: Jul 06, 2007
PhinsAndGills says:
THANKS for the laugh! Brought back memories of my trip through the ride! I didn't like it AT ALL!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2007

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