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Itch-A-Way Hemp Seed Oil Reviews

poohstanggt poohstan…
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Mosquitos be gone!!! Oct 30, 2006
There are no words to express how great this stuff is for mosquito bites and even sunburns! I have a horrible time with mosquitos when I travel and nothing works - tried pure Deet, Off wipes, other repellents, vitamin and other garlic concoctions I read about online, the Avon stuff...nope, nada, zip!

On average, I can wind up with 100+ bites after a week or so. Aside from the misery of itching constantly, I am allergic to the bites and then develop beautiful huge welts all over. Yeah, what a sight! LOL.

Anyways, I found this stuff on my second trip down there and it works great! It helps stop the itching but also kept those horrendous welts from forming. Any of the resorts sell it in their gift shops or you can find it in the market. The bottle is small enough to fit in the required bags for carry on liquids as well.

In addition to helping heal the insect bites, it does work on sunburns. Found that out after one too many Belikins and subsequently nodding off for a bit, forgetting to flip over...yeah, not good. But a good coat of this and I was better the next day unlike the two to three days it takes for Aloe to have the same effect. And yes, I do use very high SPF sunscreen!! :-)

For others like me who cannot seem to keep insects away, I definitely recommend taking it on your other travels as it might at least save you the misery of itching and scratching your entire vacation away!!!
Itch-A-Way - Belize Hemp
ariel444 says:
you sound like me - i step outside for five minutes and get bitten ten times. i haven't found anything to use after the fact to keep the swelling and welts from forming, so i'm defintely will to try this! thanks for the tip. on the other side, have you tried 'cutters' bug spray or wipes? it's the best bug spray i've found this far. i can wear a dress and not get bitten - when i use it that is!! i have to remember to carry it in my bag with me at all times. it's amazing really. works better than OFF or anything else for me!
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
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