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Their own travelers have a reputation as loud and somewhat obnoxious, but - having been an iconic travel destination since the days of the British aristocracy’s ‘Grand Tour’ - Italy itself is certainly no stranger to tourism. That’s hardly surprising, as it’s all but untouchable internationally in terms of art, food, lifestyle, romance, wine, and, of course, coffee (if you’re American, be prepared to be mocked viciously over the ‘Americano’ - in fact, try and avoid ordering one altogether).

In capital Rome you’ll find abundant traces of the Roman Empire in the Colosseum and the countless crumbling monuments spread throughout the city. Vatican City, a tiny country within the city’s boundaries, inspires visitors with the art of the Sistine Chapel, the reverence of St Peters and the history of the Vatican Museums, as well as the harlequin colors and staunch demeanor of the famous Swiss Guard. Then there’s the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Imperial Forums, Piazza Navona…

Romantics will find riding the rising waters of Venice and exploring its renaissance architecture an irresistible draw, stepping out of their hotel directly onto a curving longboat. So long as they avoid the increasingly common floods, that is. Florence, and its endless rows of red-roofed houses aren’t far behind. The nightly flirtatious promenade is enjoyable, as are the potent selection of coffee houses, but it’s the sensational selection of old-world art that keeps the city’s international tourist trade ticking over.

Hiring a Vespa and heading out into the vineyards of the Italian countryside is another quintessential experience, perhaps finishing with a crawl up into the Alps and a gentle walk amongst the summer flowers and jangling cow bells, before heading to a hillside village to sample the world’s creamiest ice cream.

In fact, there’s so much to see in Italy, you’d best book a whole summer. Once you’re finished soaking up the above – and wallowing in the beauty of the sing-song language - there’s always the wilds of Mediterranean Sardinia, the Tuscan vineyards, Milan with its fashion and its 2 famous football teams, Pompeii and its infamous volcano, one of the world’s most beautiful languages to play with, hiking the Dolomites, Gucci, the Amalfi Coast, Bologna’s foodie wonderland…

Rome #1 most popular location
A city that was once the heart of the Roman Empire, and now contains an entire tiny country (and the center of Catholicism) within its borders, Rome doesn’t stop there: a mammoth artistic h…
4,842travelers 840reviews 510blogs
Venice #2 most popular location
It is probably impossible to speak about Venice without uttering a sigh of pure indulgence, accompanied by a low whisper of, “Ah…Venice.” From the waterways, to the museums, to the chu…
1,485travelers 265reviews 232blogs
Florence #3 most popular location
Birthplace to the Italian Renaissance, and quite possibly the most important city in Europe for several centuries during this time from the 13th to 16th centuries, Florence stands today as on…
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Milan #4 most popular location
Despite running several leagues behind capital Rome in the tourism stakes, visitors quickly discover that Milan has more than enough to offer in its own right. A real fashion capital, you’l…
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Rimini #5 most popular location
Probably one of the most famous seaside resorts in the area known as the Adriatic Riviera, Rimini is a small city and municipality in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy along the coast of the…
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Naples #6 most popular location
It’s unfortunate for Naples, really, that it finds itself in Italy. While in most countries this picturesque, art-focused city would find itself the center of attention, here it has Rome, F…
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Pisa #7 most popular location
Amongst a plethora of cities so enticing its amazing Italy isn’t even more inundated with tourists than it already is, Pisa stands out for one reason alone: The Leaning Tower. In a seemingl…
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Verona #8 most popular location
Perhaps one of the most famous destinations in north-east Italy, well-known for sights such as the Roman Arena dating back to the 1st century AD, the Roman amphitheater looking over the city …
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Palermo #9 most popular location
As the capital of the stunning island of Sicily, Palermo was sought after long before it became a sunny holiday spot. At various times the city was dominated by Arab invaders, Normans and Fre…
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Bologna #10 most popular location
Bologna is one of Italy's best kept secrets. Long considered to be the nation's food capital, it is also regularly listed within the top five cities in Italy for quality of life. Located in t…
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Jesolo #11 most popular location
Ciao, benvenuto a Jesolo! Nice summer weather, great atmosphere on the beach, good shopping and party nights. Come with a mood for relaxation and you'll feel great!
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Sorrento #12 most popular location
At first glance, Sorrento is nothing more than a typical tourist town sitting atop striking cliffs looking out over the Bay of Naples towards Mount Vesuvius and packed with dozens of English …
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Alghero #13 most popular location
Imagine a pristine medieval village on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean just off the coast of Italy. Picture cobblestone streets completely pedestrianized, lined with dozens …
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Siena #14 most popular location
Nestled in the heart of one of the most well-known regions of Italy—Tuscany—sits Siena, the capital of the eponymous province it is a part of. With a historic center that has been deemed …
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Turin #15 most popular location
Located in the northwestern corner of Italy and serving as the business and cultural center of the Piedmont region along the banks of the Po River in the Alpine arch, Turin is one of the most…
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Siracusa #16 most popular location
Siracusa is a city on the eastern coast of Sicily and the capital of the province that brings its same name. It was once described by Cicero as the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful …
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Catania #17 most popular location
Capital of the Italian province from which it draws its name, and located along the Sicilian coastline bordering the Ionian Sea between Messina and Syracuse, Catania is one of the major citie…
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Lucca #18 most popular location
Lucca is a medium size town in the Tuscany erea. The city still has its midevel town centre. The old city walls create a seperation between old and new. The old city centre is like a labytint…
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Vatican City #19 most popular location
Both a country within a city and a city within a country, the Catholic heartland of the Vatican lies entirely within the boundaries of ancient Rome, and is guarded by the heavily trained and …
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Bergamo #20 most popular location
Bergamo, Italy is about 40 KM Northeast of Milan. The Orio al Serio airport which serves the area is also a main airport for those going to Milan. The bottom of the Alps begin north of to…
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Assisi #21 most popular location
One of the most famous towns in Italy is Assisi, a small medieval town perched on a hill in Umbria in the heart of Italy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and, above all, homeland of St. F…
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Taormina #22 most popular location
Beautiful Taormina. A short bus ride from Messina through curvy highways up to the top of the mountain. Once there you will notice that you park at a parking structure and walk a bit till you…
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Perugia #23 most popular location
Perugia is the capital city of the Italian region of Umbria. It has an important university that attracts many foreign students, is a major centre of medieval art, has a stunningly beautiful…
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Pompeii #24 most popular location
Formerly a great Roman city, Pompeii is now a byword for disaster, having been buried under the weight of lava from Mount Vesuvius in the 1st century, wiping the city off the face of the eart…
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Trapani #25 most popular location
Trapani is a port town located in the North of the Island of Sicily. The town can be described as lively, commercial and industrial, beautifully situated at the foot of Monte Erice. Some s…
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Genoa #26 most popular location
Genova (Genoa) is a city and the most important seaport in northern Italy and all the mediteranean sea, and the capital of the region of Liguria (Ligury). The city has a population of abt. 62…
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San Gimignano #27 most popular location
7travelers 3reviews 7blogs
Lecce #28 most popular location
Described as the “hidden pearl of Italy,” Lecce is a beautiful old aristocratic city. The delicately carved facades of its churches gracefully reach toward a brilliant blue sky, their pro…
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Montecatini Terme #29 most popular location
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Trieste #30 most popular location
Trieste is a small city in the north of Italy close to the Slovenian border. It is a port town on the Adriatic Sea. Formerly part of Austria, it became part of Italy at the end of WWI. A …
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Agrigento #31 most popular location
An absolutely charming city on the southern coast of Sicily, Agrigento not only boasts a beautiful 'old town' centre, but some of the best preserved Greek ruins outside of Greece along the Va…
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Riva del Garda #32 most popular location
Riva del Garda is a small city located at the north tip of the homonym Lake Garda. It is a highly truistic destination and it has many hotels and a vibrant nightlife. Exploring the Lake fr…
8travelers 7reviews
Positano #33 most popular location
Positano is a picturesque resort town on Italy's Amalfi Coast A nearly vertical town, Positano spills down from the cornice like a waterfall of pink, cream and yellow villas. The oldest hous…
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Cagliari #34 most popular location
Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia and founded by Phoenicians, is located on the southern end of the island. Often referred to as the "City of the Sun", the city has some interesting medi…
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Ravenna #35 most popular location
Ravenna is located in the region of Emilio-Romagna and has various links with better known cities such as Bologna. In terms of tourism, Ravenna is often a popular day trip for individuals sea…
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Sirmione #36 most popular location
Sirmione, according to Catullus it´s the Gem of all the peninsulas. It´s located on a small peninsula that separates the southern part of Lake Garda. The historic center is strictly non tra…
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Selva di Val Gardena #37 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Forio #38 most popular location
Forio is a small town on western side of Ischia island in the Bay of Naples, with population of about 17000. This town has some of the most important tourist attractions of the island. On i…
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Livigno #39 most popular location
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Pinzolo #40 most popular location
Capri #41 most popular location
Capri is a chic island basking in the Bay of Naples. Over the centuries, this elegant isle has drawn the rich and famous to its sun-kissed shore. Gracie Fields is just one of the celebrities …
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Olbia #42 most popular location
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Ischia #43 most popular location
The island of Ischia has become one of the most popular health resorts in the world and is renowned for its fine sandy beaches. It is pock-marked with volcanic steam spouts; take a walk throu…
6travelers 10reviews 1blogs
Courmayeur #44 most popular location
Courmayeur is small resort town on the Italian side of Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco. It is the Italian version of Chamonix. It is a really small town and is easy to walk the whole place on foot. I…
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Montepulciano #45 most popular location
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Malcesine #46 most popular location
Malcesine is a town in the Province of Verona in Italy, located on the shores of Garda Lake. The place is famous for its castle (Castello Scaligero)with its XIIIth century fortifications and…
Viareggio #47 most popular location
13travelers 5reviews 1blogs
Amalfi #48 most popular location
Amalfi lies at the mouth of a deep ravine at the foot of Monte Cerrasto. It is the main town on one of the most beautiful and celebrated areas in the world: the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfit…
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Padua #49 most popular location
Padua or Padova as it is also known is located roughly 19 miles to the West of Venice. The town centre can be described as medieval in its feel and in its architecture. Possessing narrow …
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Ferrara #50 most popular location
Not on the typical foreign tourist's itinerary,this half medieval half Renaissance quiet city surrounded by more than 9 km of ancient walls,with more bikes than people(around 130,000)located …
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