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Oct 05, 2006 – Apr 01, 2007
from porto seguro it took me 8 hours to itacare, i arrived at about 8p.m. so it was already dark. at the rodoviaria there where…
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brain synapses on paper
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Feb 27, 2007
I met some really nice Danish girls in Itacare, who visited me afterwards in Cordoba. One night in Itacare we went out for sea…
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Just how does phen375 work?
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Apr 29, 2013
Obese and Obesity are two most significant difficulties in the planet. Many people are struggling to reduce weight it doesn't i…
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Shooting From The Hip
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Jun 08, 2007 – Mar 05, 2008
So I don't think of myself as the most spontaneous person, but I'm starting to realize that maybe i am much more spontaneous th…
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