Israel Top 10 Things to See (and Do)

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Israel Top 10 Things to See (and Do) Reviews

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My route in Israel Jan 10, 2015
Route |:

Day 1: WARSAW - TEL AVIV Collection at the airport two hours before departure. Check - in passport and a direct flight to Tel Aviv. Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.

Day 2: Drive to Bethlehem. The city is dominated Church of the Nativity built over the Grotto of the Nativity. Silver star marked the birth place of Jesus. Adjacent to the Grotto of the Nativity Grotto of the crib where the little shepherds paid homage to Jesus. Adjacent to the Basilica of Armenian monasteries and churches, Greek Orthodox and Catholic, and among them church. Catherine. At a distance of 300 meters from the Basilica's Milk Grotto. Tradition says that Mary during their flight to Egypt at this point Jesus fed. During the feeding of milk drops fell on the rock changing to a milky white color. Then ride to the field Pastors. Next to the church you can see the cave where, according to tradition, lived shepherds with their flocks. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation, dinner and overnight.

Day 3: JAFFA. Transfer to the old part of Tel Aviv - Jaffa. Short tour - the Old Testament founded it after the biblical flood, one of the sons of Noah, Japheth. Crossing streets of the old town, the Path of horoscope.

Day 4: - Caesarea Maritima

Transfer the coastal plain to Caesarea. Caesarea is one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel. A short stop at the aqueduct.

Day 5: - HAIFA:

Drive to Haifa, the third largest city in Israel, picturesquely situated on the Mediterranean Sea, on the slopes of Mount Carmel. We'll see, among others, Gardens Baha'is. In the beautiful Persian Gardens rises one of the biggest attractions of Haifa, covered with a golden dome mausoleum creator of the Baha'i faith. On Mount Carmel also see Stella Maris church, built over a cave associated with the prophet Elijah. Before the church extends one of the most beautiful views of the coast.


Drive to Nazareth. Visiting the Basilica of the Annunciation, the largest Christian church in the Middle East. The interior is adorned with a series of paintings of Marian. You can see the Virgin Mary with slanting eyes, a turban and African outfit in flashy colors. At this point, the angel Gabriel told Mary the good news that she had been chosen by God to be the mother of his son.

Dzień7 - Cana breakfast at the hotel, check out::

Drive to Cana of Galilee, where Jesus performed His first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding a poor family. In this place was built the Franciscan Church. Drive to Tiberias. Accommodation in a hotel in Tiberias, dinner and overnight.

Day 8: Tiberias. Start the day visiting the churches around the Sea of Galilee.

Dzień9: Tabgha - UP BLESSINGS - Capernaum - BOAT CRUISE hotelu.wykwaterowanie Breakfast:

Transfer to Tabghi, the place where Jesus performed the miracle of the multiplication of five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5,000 hungry people who came to listen to his teachings. Next to where the resurrected Jesus appeared to the apostles for the third time is the church of the Primacy of St.. Peter. Transfer to the Mount of the Beatitudes, the place where Jesus delivered the famous sermon containing the eight beatitudes. On the slope of the hill stands the octagonal sanctuary. Then ride the northern shore of the lake to Capernaum, a town of Jesus, where the Gospel sermons he delivered more and do more miracles than anywhere else. Here are the remains of the synagogue of the second century AD probably built on the ruins of the one in which Jesus taught.

Day 9: Capernaum - BOAT CRUISE hotelu.wykwaterowanie Breakfast:

In Kafaranum lived apostle Peter, from which the name of Galilee named the best-known fish. Wooden boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Drive to Bethlehem, accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 10 Jerusalem: Yad Vashem KAREM- EIN Breakfast at the hotel.

Ein Karem to visit, a small biblical village west of Jerusalem. We will see the Franciscan Church of the Visitation, built on the site where, according to tradition, St. Mary visited. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. Above the cave, traditionally considered to be the place where John the Baptist was born, stands today church. John.

Dzień11: Drive to Yad Vashem,

Holocaust History Museum, an extraordinary monument, which commemorated the six million murdered Jews. Used for this latest multimedia technologies. Yad Vashem is engaged in broadcasting title "Righteous Among the Nations" people who rescued Jews during the war of extermination. Among the 20 thousand. Righteous is up to 6 thousand. Poles. Until recently honored each had a tree planted by the museum, now receive a personal tablet. Back to the hotel, dinner and overnight

Day 12: Jerusalem: Breakfast at the hotel.

Early morning drive to Jerusalem. Entrance to the Temple Mount, where we will see the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock (Entrance to the Temple Mount is dependent on the security situation, mosques watch only from the outside). Crossing the streets of the Old Town at the Western Wall, also known as the Western Wall, the most important place for all Jews. These are the remains of the second temple built by Herod the Great. The area under the Wall serves as a giant open-air synagogue. It is divided into two parts: for the men on the left, women on the right.

Jerusalem Day 13:

The transition to the Mount Zion. We will see the church of the Assumption, a magnificent Benedictine structure built in the place where, according to tradition, Mary fell into an eternal sleep. Inside, note the mosaic floor and vault. Then we will go to the Upper Room, the most important for Christians place on Mount Zion, the place of the Last Supper. It was the place of the most important events: the establishment of the Eucharist, the appearance of the risen Jesus, Pentecost. On the eastern slope of Mount Zion's church. Peter "In Galicantu," meaning "the place where the cock crowed," and the apostle Peter thrice denied Jesus. Back to the hotel in Bethlehem, dinner and overnight.

Day 14: Breakfast at the hotel in Jerusalem.

A visit to the Mount of Olives, which offers a spectacular panorama of the Old Town. Pater Noster visiting the church where Jesus taught the Our Father, the text in nearly 60 languages placed on the walls. Then we move to the monastery church Flevit Dominus, this is where Jesus wept over the fate of Jerusalem. We will also see the Jewish cemetery on the western slope of the Mount of Olives. Tradition says that here people start resurrection on Judgment Day and the resurrected Messiah enters provided for the nearby Golden Gate of the Temple Mount. At the foot of the Mount of Olives is the Basilica of the Agony (also called the Church of All Nations). On the facade of the temple shines gold mosaic depicting Jesus' suffering for the sins of the world. Twelve of the domes built in Byzantine style church symbolizes the 12 nations that financed its construction. Right next to the temple extends the Garden of Olives - Gethsemane, where Jesus was betrayed. This growing olive trees have approx. 2000 years. According to legend will grow again in the Day of Judgement.

Jerusalem Day 15:

Lions Gate entrance to the Old Town area. "Via Dolorosa" - Way of the Cross is a series of narrow streets and placed at their fourteenth station of the Passion. Stations I to IX are located in buildings adjacent to the streets and from the tenth to the fourteenth century Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. On the way visit the Church of St. Anne. Experiencing the Cross will finish at the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. The basilica is one of the most unusual temples in the world. It is jointly owned by several Christian denominations, each of which has its own chapels and altars, and celebrates services in their rite. The most important place in it is built hill, where according to tradition, Jesus was crucified (in Hebrew called Golgotha, Calvary in Latin), and his tomb.

-BETANIA Jerusalem Day 16 Breakfast at the hotel .:

Transfer to the other side of the Mount of Olives to Bethany, where nawiedzimy home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

Day 17: Jericho:

Drive to Jericho, the oldest city of escaping the world. View of the Mount of Temptation, where according to the Bible, Jesus was tempted by Satan.

Day 18- Qumran - DEAD SEA:

Drive through Qumran, the place to find the Dead Sea Scrolls written by the Essenes. On the way we will see caves where the manuscripts were found. Drive us to the Dead Sea, the lowest position in the world. Free time for mud baths. Land extending the Dead Sea can not be compared to any other place on Earth. Back to the hotel in Bethlehem, dinner and overnight.

Day 19: TEL AVIV - WARSAW Early check-out from the hotel (coffee + cake). Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport. Check - in Passport, inside and out
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worldtour2010 worldtou…
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History... Jun 07, 2011
What a beautiful country. I traveled to most of the parts including the dead sea, the south, the north and northeast. Swimming the Jordan riving was a blast and knowing the Jesus once roamed the same area thousands of years ago was a good feeling. I will be going back soon. If you have the chance to go to Israel go for it. It's one experience you will not regret.
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taberd1983 taberd19…
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Israel Top 10 Things to See (and Do) Jul 22, 2010
1. The Jerusalem Tunnel. Need to get ticket early. See the original temple bed rock, built in 1,000 BC.

2. Beit She'an. Ancient city at the cross road a major trade routes.

3. Old city of Jerusalem. Need I say more...the center of major relegions.

4. Old city of David. Right outside the old city. Standing at the city of David, looking across the Kidron Valley to see David's family tomb and you will understand why it is important that Israel maintains control of Jerusalem.

5. Ceasarea. Ancient port where Herod built to bribe the Romans, and don't forget to see the aquaducts, both Romans and Turks.

6. Jaffa. Ancient port. Visit the old church where Napoleon stayed when he conquered the region and the beach where his soldiers massacre the Turks as they tried to fled. Now, a very bohemic artist district.

7. Yad Vashem. The best part is when you finishing up a very somber visit, you suddenly entering a view that shows the new Jerusalem shining in the distance.

8. Meggido. See multi-layers of civilization. Could this location be the last battle on earth...aka Armageddon?

9. Golan Heights. You'll appreciate the beauty of the region and why this is such a strategic location for Israel.

10. Tel Aviv night life. Great people knowing how to enjoy a good life.
chantelleindia says:
Great! I went to Israel recently and seen all these places! Tel Aviv is the most beautiful
Posted on: Jul 23, 2010
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