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Erbil #1 most popular location
Arbil or some time called Erbil is a big city in north of Iraq. Erbil is a very nice touristic city and it is famous of its ancient Erbil citadel. Erbil city is about 400Km from Baghdad. I…
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Baghdad #2 most popular location
Baghdad, Iraq is a city of approximately 7,000,000 people located on the Tigris river in central Iraq. It is the capital of Iraq, and the second largest city in the Middle East. Baghdad onc…
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CAMP BUCCA #3 most popular location
What a beautiful place to be, but only to visit, I lived near the waterfront property on the boardwalk, but the smells were not the greatest from the Port O Pots. The Sun was hot during…
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Mosul #4 most popular location
Mosul...Iraq's second largest city, with just under 2 million residents. Mosul is also called Um Al-Rabi'ain (The City of Two Springs), because autumn and spring are very similar. It is on …
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As Sulaymaniyah #5 most popular location
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Dohuk #6 most popular location
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Duhok #7 most popular location
Dohuk is the first major community one encounters when travelling from the Turkish border crossing at Habur. This city of about 130,000 is is located at the base of a rocky cliff face with a …
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Zakho #8 most popular location
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Akre #9 most popular location
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Balad #10 most popular location
Balad is a city 80 Km north of Baghdad in the Salah Aldin Governorate in middle of Iraq. It is one of the important religious cities for Muslims in Iraq,because it hosts the shrine of Sayed …
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Tikrit #11 most popular location
Known as the hometown of the infamous tyrant Saddam Hussein There is a welcome sign, " Welcome to Tikrit", painted with the new Iraqi National Flag
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Ur #12 most popular location
It is one of the most ancient city in Iraq,it is locate in southern part of Iraq,its ruins are still present till today.It is about 386 of Baghdad.
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Aintamr #13 most popular location
Ain tamr or also called Ain Al-tamr is a city about 150 KM of Baghdad ,its name mean the Eye of Dates due to plenty of dates trees found there .
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Sulaymaniyah #14 most popular location
Sulaymaniyah is a big city in north of Iraq ,it is the secand city in Iraqi Kurdistan.It is very close to Iran borders with Iraq. It is a good tourist attraction due to its beauty and secur…
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Nasiriyah #15 most popular location
Nasiriyah city is; A big city locates in south part of Iraq about 370KM from Baghdad. Its touristic importance rise from its location near to a great historical site called Ur.
Najaf #16 most popular location
An Najaf City ; It is a city in Iraq about 160KM south of Baghdad. It is important for religious tourism of Muslims and it is considered the third holiest city for Shi`a in the world .
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Samarra #17 most popular location
Babylon #18 most popular location
Babylon City is a very ancient historical city in the world.it is located in Iraq
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Al-Samawa #19 most popular location
The city of Samawa is in Al-Muthanna Governorate, in the south of Iraq, 280 km/171 miles from Baghdad.
Halabja #20 most popular location
Amadiya #21 most popular location
Amadiya, or Ameyda, is a small mountain community of about 6000 inhabitantslocated about 75 kilometres north of Duhok and only about 10 kilometres from the Turkish border. The town is perche…
Tigris River #22 most popular location
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Kurdistan #23 most popular location
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Blijenke #24 most popular location
Lalish #25 most popular location
Sharfadin #26 most popular location
Raniyah #27 most popular location
Amedi #28 most popular location
Ibrahim Khalil #29 most popular location
Hajiaba #30 most popular location
Alqosh #31 most popular location
Bagdad #32 most popular location
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