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One of the oldest countries in the world, Iran has been populated by humans since prehistoric times. Some of the greatest civilizations in the history of the planet have evolved in and around this part of the world, although the Persians left their mark more prominently than any others. The landscape is a dizzying array of rugged mountains mixed with sprawling deserts, and coastlines along both the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. From the capital of Tehran, to the sprawling majesty of Mashad, to the home of famous Persian poet Hafiz in Shiraz, Iran is a country rich with Persian and Islamic heritages.

Unfortunately, although Iran has a great amount of historical and cultural sights and sounds to experience, the current political climate makes it nearly impossible for anyone from the Western world to experience. This is not a place for the first-time traveler. With the recent abductions of American hikers along the borders of the country to the chaos of the recent election in 2009, Iran is considered far too hot for anyone to visit for tourist reasons.

However, Iran hosts some of the world's most ancient and majestic cities. Modern Tehran is a combination of art galleries, amazingly delicious cuisine that will leave your mouth watering, and plenty of cafes and otherwise. There are museums, mosques, bazaars, and accommodations are both plentiful and luxurious. Public transportation is the main way of getting around.

The rich tapestry of Persian history has left the country with a wealth of art and architecture that is unrivaled by any other spot on the planet. However, the political and religious unrest in the region between the Islamic nation and the West has led to a situation where most of the world has never had the opportunity to experience everything that Iran has to offer. Hopefully things will change in the future as we move into more peaceful times.

Tehran #1 most popular location
Tehran (also spelled Teheran), is the capital city of Iran. A bustling metropolis of 14 million people it is situated at the foot of the towering Alborz mountain range. Tehran is a cosmopoli…
1,100travelers 12reviews 26blogs
Shiraz #2 most popular location
Shiraz is a main destination for both national and international tourists due to its numerous attractions. Shiraz is located in the south of Iran, and is about a one hour flight from Tehran. …
145travelers 22reviews 16blogs
Yazd #3 most popular location
Yazd is a city in Iran. Almost in the center of Iran, It is the capital of Yazd province.It is an ancient city in Iran.Yazd dates from Sassanian Period (224-651), located midway between Isfah…
21travelers 9reviews 10blogs
Esfahan #4 most popular location
Isfahan or Esfahan is one of the oldest cities of Iran and was a crossroad of international trade and diplomacy, and therefore was a kaleidoscope of resident languages, religions, and customs…
84travelers 10reviews 13blogs
Mashhad #5 most popular location
The center of this bustling city is the "Haram" devoted to one of Islam's Imams. Many argue that Mashhad is extremely religious in nature due to this, which is an argument that has merit, but…
68travelers 6reviews 6blogs
Isfahan #6 most popular location
54travelers 11reviews 4blogs
Kashan #7 most popular location
2travelers 5reviews 7blogs
Kerman #8 most popular location
22travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Tabriz #9 most popular location
73travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Masouleh #10 most popular location
Masouleh or Masuleh is one of the most important destinations for tourists traveled to Gilan and of course for the people of Gilan, It is a wonderful village. The houses are built on a moun…
2reviews 2blogs
Zanjan #11 most popular location
7travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Qazvin #12 most popular location
Qazvin is the largest city and capital of the Province of Qazvin in Iran. Qazvin was an ancient capital in the Persian Empire and nowadays is known as the calligraphy capital of Iran. also i…
7travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Persepolis #13 most popular location
4travelers 4blogs
Kermanshah #14 most popular location
13travelers 1reviews
Abyaneh #15 most popular location
1travelers 3blogs
Rasht #16 most popular location
Rasht is the capital of Gilan province in north of Iran. It's also the largest city on Iran's Caspian Sea coast as local people called it the capital of north. There are many groups of peo…
24travelers 1blogs
Kish #17 most popular location
Kish is a small Island located at Persian Gulf in the south of Iran. It is a touristic place and host of numerous foreign visitors (particularly those who are in a trip to Dubai). Kish Island…
3travelers 1reviews 6blogs
Bam #18 most popular location
Bam is a city in Kerman province, Iran. The modern Iranian city of Bam surrounds the Bam citadel which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ancient citadel of Arg-…
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Qalat #19 most popular location
Ilam #20 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Orumiye #21 most popular location
3travelers 1reviews
Ahvaz #22 most popular location
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Rayen #23 most popular location
Mahan #24 most popular location
Qeshm #25 most popular location
Meybod #26 most popular location
Shush #27 most popular location
Kaluts #28 most popular location
Castles of the Assassins #29 most popular location
Takht-e Soleiman #30 most popular location
Tus #31 most popular location
Kharanaq #32 most popular location
Kang #33 most popular location
Bishapur #34 most popular location
Sanandaj #35 most popular location
7travelers 1blogs
Fuman #36 most popular location
Fuman is a small town near Rasht, It's on the way to Masouleh and Rudkhan Castle. This city is absolutely famous for its cookies, in Persian "Koulouch Fuman" ,"Fuman cookies" In Iran you …
Firuz Abad #37 most popular location
Astara #38 most popular location
Bushehr #39 most popular location
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