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Ipswich has a population of around 125 000 inhabitants and is one of England’s oldest cities, dating back to the early 7th century when some settlements developed into a town. It was once an important port and owed its wealth to tradesmen and the local wool industry. Imagine that it was considered that important in the middle ages that it was among the places to have a separate tome of the Domesday Book (later nicknamed “little domesdays”). But as wool trading became less important and the port began to silt up, Ipswich importance and wealth declined. It suffered a similar fate as some places in the Cotswolds – once England’s seventh wealthiest town, now a place off the main roads of the UK.

Ipswich has preserved many medieval buildings in the old town as well as the ruins of a monastery. The Brick Tudor Christchurch Manion houses a large part of the Ipswich Museum collection. Although located a little off the main roads, a day trip from places like London and Cambridge is managable.

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