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The mental image the Scottish Highlands usually conjures up is a picture of the Loch Ness monster, peat-covered hills that turn into craggy cliff-faces and lush, green mountains covered in a perpetual sea of rolling fog. Once one of the most populated regions in the country, the Highlands now stand as one of the least populated in all of Europe after the Industrial Revolution and forced immigration during the 18th and 19th centuries drained the people from the region. One of the chief strongholds of the region for literal millennia, Inverness still stands, and today it is advertised as the “Gateway to the Highlands”, and is the cultural, economic and industrial center for the region. With plenty of growth in the late 20th and early 21st century, Inverness is now considered one of the fastest growing cities in all of Europe.

Inverness is set in a fantastic green landscape and has the River Ness flowing through the center of the city. As said, its history dates back many centuries, but it was as late as 1715 that General Wade ordered to build a citadel city here to restore order with the Highlanders. Most of today's city is build in the 19th century and it wasn't until December 2000 that Inverness could officially call itself a city.

Nowadays, Inverness is a modern city, which means it boasts all the modern accommodations and amenities one could expect from a major city. From golf courses to restaurants to hotels or a stroll along the river, there is plenty to see and do here regardless of your personal preferences for activities. Rich with Gaelic history and local traditions, it is extremely easy to lose oneself in Inverness, completely shedding the trappings that connect you to the place you call home. Whether it’s roaming the streets of the city itself or heading out into the Highlands of Scotland for a day trip, Inverness definitely stands as one of those ultimately must-see destinations in the United Kingdom.

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