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Intrepid Travel - My Review and Thoughts May 24, 2009
Intrepid Travel is the same deal as Gap Adventures. I have below the same review as Gap Adventures. Just because I used both companies. Both are great to travel with and very comparable.

The trip I did with Intrepid Travel was in Peru. Trip was called Peru Encompassed. It was an amazing trip.

Intrepid Travel is an adventure travel company. They do trips all over the world to every continent, including Antarctica. They do everything from trekking Inca Trail, to volcano trips to Arctic Cruising to exploring the beaches of Costa Rica. They do it all.

Very good trips and well organized company.

The trips are small group, so your max size of group might be 12 people or so.

This company supports the local economy. By this you often stay at local hotels/hostels etc. Most are local businesses, so no Holiday Inn's people.

The transport is done with 3rd party companies of a local area as well. Usually really good. Your trip Leader is someone from the local area, such as if you go to Brazil, your trip leader might be from Brazil.

For meals, no dinners are included, which is good, then you can explore options and take in local place to eat. Your trip leader sometimes will take you to a place to eat that is nice and less touristy and more local food.

Overall my opinions, this was a great company to travel with. I would travel with them again. The organization was really good. I like having a small group to be with over a larger group, you move along faster.

The trip leaders were good, very information about everything and know many things about each destination. Very Reliable people overall.

Accomodations, vary, I have to say good locations. As I did the budget trips, so places were not of high luxury but clean and had running water. Always had good bed to sleep in.

The trips themselves were very good and awesome places to see. You also get lots of free time in each destination, so you never miss out on anything.

I would do more trips with this company. As It is now my way of travel. I hope to see the whole world with this company and I recommend everyone out there to check out Intrepid Travel.
Intrepid Group at Machu Pachu
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