International UFO Museum and Research Center

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114 N. Main, Roswell, NM, USA

International UFO Museum and Research Center Roswell Reviews

X_Drive X_Drive
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UFO or something full of Hot Air (No, not the President!) Apr 14, 2008
Roswell, New Mexico became a famous place in July of 1947. During a very strong thunderstorm northwest of town something out of the ordinary happened. Stories have been told that it was only a weather balloon, others tell of a crash of a flying saucer. What happened?

One thing for sure, we are not about to find out the truth. Our own government has made that abundantly clear. All of the materials found at the crash site and collected from people who had picked some up have been locked away somewhere that no one is going to see. And as for the bodies of the supposed aliens, they somehow disappeared as quickly as the other evidence. People in the area have been quieted.

That is most of them. A very few have decided to do what they can to keep the story of the crashed UFO alive. And although it started very small it has outgrown two former locations and is now housed in a former theater with the real possibility that a full city block will house the museum in the not too distant future. This one built to be more like a UFO! It is said that more than 150,000 tourists, skeptics, or believers each year make there way to Roswell just to see and experience as much as they can about the Roswell Incident.

We spent over an hour in the Museum and Research Center and enjoyed looking at the few items that are left. Newspaper accounts, affidavits, papers, drawings, pictures, and even a couple of Hollywood style “scenes”.
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X_Drive says:
It was fun to visit but not as nice as the natural wonders like, 1, Bryce Canyon, 2, Monument Valley, 3. Carlsbad Caverns. If you really like the UFO thing, go ahead and go. :D
Posted on: Aug 07, 2011
menoxie says:
i'm looking for a trip starting in las vegas upcoming winter, and than drive to dallas or houston, so is this place, roswell, really a interesting place? or do you more tips to go to for this trip?
Posted on: Aug 07, 2011
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homeres homeres
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A Must Stop when visting Roswell Apr 29, 2007
As one of the curious on-lookers who was staying temporary around the area, going to Roswell was on my to-see list.

Going to the UFO museum cleared one or two questions for me but i walked out with a dozen more confused questions...

I won't spoil sum of the secrets about the UFO museum however the place is soo popular their monthly calender that is posted is full of push-ins placed from visitors all over the world, surprisingly from the U.K.

Inside there are tons of pictures, photos, space 'junk', 'de-classified' documents pertaining to the weather balloon found in the 1950s that caused this UFO interest. Which all makes for good photos!

I remember that it is one level, interesting photography and full of stories, if it wasn't THE main attraction in town, i wouldnt recommend it Period..but for you SCI-FI junkies, this is your Smithsonian : )
Entrance to UFO Museum in Roswell,…
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sylviandavid says:
sounds like a place I would like...
Posted on: Jun 17, 2008
Hookee2000 Hookee20…
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Out of this world Dec 13, 2004
UFO has always been a fascination of mine, So after seen only 1 hour TV show about the incident in Roswell i knew that in my trip around USA in 2004 it just had to be in the stop to find out more.

One thing we can make safely sure is that it was no damn weatherbaloon like the authorities wanted the people to believe in 1947, The one finding the debris had found several weatherbaloons before and also the Major at the air base who first reported to media it being a UFO had enough knowledge abt weatherbaloons to see it was not one, he also brought home the debris and showed to his son before taking it to the base and his son claims it was not the same materials that later appeared in the photos.

The artifacts, peoples statesment is well displayed in a chronologic timeline one can follow.

I really dont know if it was aliens i am just sure that it was no weatherbaloon, There is a small gift shop connected to the museeum also.All in all its worth a trip there if you got interest in UFO then its a must, Also worth mentioning i think is not far away near the art museum is the Goddard Planetarium, Goddard the first american man to start messing around with rockets which made spaceflights later avilable.
Signs of Area 51
Area 51 from space
Alien Autopsy
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kingoftheicedragons says:
I'd really like to get here sometime. Probably in the winter sometime, when I need to go someplace south to get to the nice weather.
Posted on: May 10, 2011

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