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Interesting Places in Rome

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Rome, Italy

Interesting Places in Rome Reviews

Pearl510 Pearl510
162 reviews
Jan 20, 2007
I have written a small travel blog about my one day visit to Rome. It might be helpful, I don’t know. What I liked the most was Vatican City and the Colosseum. I believe one should certainly take the time to see them both. In Vatican City the Sistine Chapel is a must. We found it pretty difficult to find, but it is definitely worth the quest. Don't be discouraged by the lack of road sign directing you to it, or by the entrance fee. Even when the sun is shining brightly outside you wont regret spending some hours in the museum. The have the most beautiful art there, not only the famous Michelangelo ceiling. And talking about ceiling, train your neck because at the end of the walk it will feel like hell :) I don't know how much time you'll spend in Rome but if you have only a day or two the tourist busses are indeed a good choice. They aren’t exactly cheap but they'll pass by most of the things on your 'to see list' in no time, and they pass by each stop frequently so you never have to wait long. In combination with a good map you can easily reach every point in the city this way. You can buy tickets for this busses in front of the train station. What I liked less was the Trevi fountain. I went there because it is something you must have seen when in Rome, but it is so crowded there the magic of the statues almost completely disappears. When you choose to go there, do it by night when the lights are on. That adds a little more atmosphere to it. Hope I have helped you a little!
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hannajax hannajax
63 reviews
Jul 11, 1997
For those enchanted by the renaissance, the glory and opulence of the Roman Catholic church, ancient architechture of Romans, splendour and grandeur, modernity and modernization juxtaposed between ancient Roman columns...this is the placewhere you can see all of that.

Though I have not spent an extensive amount of time in Rome, the places I did see and visit left lasting impressions. Two things central to Rome: architechture and art. If you are interested in neither one of these, then I can't help you.

Here is the to see list:

1. The coloseum: it is nearly two thousand years old, and still standing. This is where the crowds of 50,000 plus Romans were entertained by their ceasars. Everything from staged battles to gladiators battling the animal kingdom was seen here. The unique perspective here is when you first step into the coloseum, you see below you the intricate web of mazes, tunnels, and cells- where once the prisoners, gladiators, and animals were kept. Though it is no longer, there was once a grand ceiling that covered it all, on which the carnage raged.

2. The Sistine Chapel: this spectacular and humbling testament of faith and artistry is found within the walls of the Vatican. This was the commission that would cost the infamous Michelangelo Buonarotti his eyesight and health. Determined to paintthe entireceiling himself, (that's 5,000 sqaure feet) illustrating 12 scenes from the Bible including"the last judgement",and one of themost famous images in the western world, "the creation of adam",it is a sight that brings tears regardless of religious or spiritual orientation. It is a work that is credited solely to him, and took 4 years to complete. If you love the humanistic art of the Renaissance, you will most likely need to bring a box of tissues, but not your camera!

3. The Roman Forum: the 2000 year old ruins seen here are "old town"rome. the center of the empire, the seat of the republic, site of holy temples, is a visit not to be missed...and it's free! Imagine, if you will, when Romans began building plans in the 10th century BCE. The erection of temples, basicilas, judicial buildings and king's residences amassed over the centuries until the 7th century, CE. However, the center of all things Roman soon fell into ruin. Following political strife and subsequent destruction at the hands of dissidentsand fire, repeated pillage and destruction at the hands of invaders, the eventual fall of the empire turned the once opulent forum into a cattle field. So, the dirt piled up, the ancient monuments and buildings forgotten, and serious excavations and restoration did not begin until 13 centuries later!

4. St. Peter's Basilica and the Pieta

For anyone intrigued, humbled, or awed by the holy seat of the catholic faith - takea journey into the church erected on the bones of Peter, disciple of Jesus Christ. Construction began in the early 1500s and would take more than a century to complete.It comes as no surprise that its evolution took decades, as the church is filled with monuments, statuary, altars and alterpieces, decadent marble columns and floors, and a splendid array of murals and paintings.

If nothing here sparks your interest, at least visitMichelangelo's Pieta.The scuplture's powerfully human, marble emotions evoke the tender love and strength that Mary held for her Jesus. (It is located near the entrance, to the right of the entryway). At the time of the sculpture's creation,Michelangelo wasrelatively unknown. Met with disbelief that it was his masterpiece, he snuck into the church at night and carved his name into the sash across Mary's chest. It was to be his finest sculpture, and the only one signed by him. What makes this particular sculpture so fantastic is the way in which two central figures of the Christian faith are depicted. Instead of a weeping and feeble Mary,clinging to the mortal formof the son of God - here we see a youthful and loving mother, who has bravely accepted the fate of her son. Her strength is not just in her heart, but in her physical presence, as she cradles him with the right hand, as theleft is held out in supplication, or is it submission to a will higher than hers? The man that walked across water and raised the dead lies helpless and broken, a striking juxtaposition.

travelman727 says:
Jacqueline, you truly have a way with words! I may write for a living; but you live to share yourself with others!
Posted on: Jan 18, 2007

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