Inle Lake

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Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar

Inle Lake Nyaung Shwe Reviews

davejo davejo
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one of the highlights of Myanmar Feb 03, 2017
Most tourists want to see the peculiar and skillful way the fishermen paddle their boat on the lake while fishing at the same time. As i mentioned in a previous tip ignore the so called "fishermen" when you first enter the lake from the canal as these guys are just acrobats trying to earn s few dollars from the tourists by putting on a show. Don't worry as there are many opportunities to see the real fishermen in action when you are on the lake. Possibly this is the only place in the world where the fisherman stands on one leg at the stern of his boat while rowing with the other one. Apparently this style evolved as the lake is full of reeds and floating plants which made it very difficult to row the boat while sitting down.This also allows the fishermen to have two free hands to use when fishing. They have a large net with a frame and they bang the water with a stick hoping that the fish will go into their trap. However the women on the lake sit cross-legged and use the oar with their hands.

We got tired of seeing souvenir shops at the villages and all the areas the boatman showed us so we asked him if he could take us to a place where there would be very few tourists so we could see how the local people lived. True to his word we spent 30 minutes slowly slowly cruising up and down the waterways of a wonderful village on stilts. I believe that the village was somewhere behind Kayla, the floating garden, then it might actually have been part of Kayla. It was well worth it as we did not see one tourist and caught sight of a few locals going about their business.
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Erna Erna
5 reviews
Truly the Venice of the East. Aug 28, 2012
Stayed at Nyaung Shwe for 4 nights at Mingalar Inn. The hotel was basic without TV actually but my son and I liked it. We went around the Inle lake on our second day there arranged by the hotel. Three of us went and it costs around 6,000 kyats each. The first destination was the Tang To market. Going there itself took us about an hour but the weather was cool and the air refreshing that you don't feel the time has passed. I personally enjoyed the scenery - the mountains on the horizon, the tomato field on the waters itself, the fishermen leg rowing their way through the lake. Everything was just scenic. What impressed me the most was the absence or rather minuscule amount of litter, even though there are practically hundred of houses on the river itself.

Tang To was amazing if you are interested to see the different tribes. I saw the Pao and Indein women selling their wares at the market. One could differentiate the Pao straight away as they wore a colorful headdress whilst the Indien women are without. Communication was a bit difficult but if you are interested in using souvenirs and they hassled you with almighty prices, tell em 3 is a lucky number. So the most u'll pay will be 3000 kyats - oh, that's for the copper (rather than the silver that they claimed). Bags you can get even cheaper than that.

Then we were taken to see the weaving of lotus thread which is claimed to be more expensive than silk. I didn't like it much as the explanations were hurried and they wanted us to buy their products rather than demonstrating their work. I was a bit annoyed so we left quite early. We were then taken to a tobacco workshop where the people were nice and explained the process step by step. I left with a box of sweet cigars and a lightened mood.

We went to all the normal touristy sites - but all I wanted was to enjoy the scenery and mainly trying to communicate with the local people. I found out that the agreeable age for marriage is around 19 in the village, whilst in the town it would be in their twenties. Oh and I went trekking up the hills and the people get married as young as 16 years old.

All in all, I think Inle is a magical place to go. The water, the weather, the people all conspired to add in the magical eastern atmosphere. One day, I will go back there again. Perhaps a little longer this time :)
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sepilokfui sepilokf…
47 reviews
Tips - Swimming in the middle of Inle Lake with a beautiful sunset. Jul 20, 2012
Many people comes to Inle Lake, takes a boat tour, being take to all the outlets for shopping, then left!

And many thought the lake is full of rubbish and dirty.

But I told my boatman Mt. TatDun, I don't want to go to all the outlets (I selected 4 sights only and take a lot of time to each sights). Then, Mr.TatDun suggested we take a swim in the middle of Inle Lake. The wise thing is the middle of the lake is the cleanest of its water. On top, we were there to see the sunset while all the boats rushes back to the town. It was one of a kind of experiences!
BurmaBabe BurmaBabe
2 reviews
Last Chance to See Ancient Lifestyle Feb 11, 2011
Inle Lake is one of the most beautiful places left on Earth. The villages have indeed been changed and are changing quickly now. In one year, many changes have taken place as the ancient pagoda sites are being modernized. The lake is in danger of disappearing because of the effects of unregulated tourism. Waste management is needed. I'd love to be the person who gets solar run engines for the fishermen and boat guides, so we can glide across the lake in relative silence. One can, for a handsome fee, still visit tribal villages and trek through the mountains from Taung Gyi to Kakku. There are hot springs near Khaung Daing. When you visit remember that the locals don't profit from the big bucks you are spending, so subtle donations are greatly appreciated. The food is some of the best in Myanmar--fresh grown. Don't miss Golden Kite Restaurant for a special luncheon of homemade pasta with locally grown herbs and veggies and beef. Signs for "cappucino, espresso, and lattes" are starting to appear on the lakeside tea houses. While many places are contrived photo ops, you can still catch much of the true local lifestyle taking place. The locals are friendly and very curious about visitors. Better to give all gifts to the village leaders and don't give the children candy! They have no dental care. Teach them games and songs--things they can use. Your experience will depend heavily on your guide--so good luck. Must do: Shan paper making, trekking, Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery, Nam Pan Market, Golden Island Cottages, Khaung Daing Hu Pin Hotel, In Dein Pagoda, Blacksmith on the lake, Lotus and silk weaving mill.
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myatss myatss
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Inle Lake Apr 25, 2011
Inle is a vast lake located in the heart of Shan State which shares borders with Thai & Laos. And it climbs up to over 900 metres above sea level and outrageously beautiful. Inle Lake is located in the mountains so it is cooler than other areas. More than 30 hill tribes are living in the mountains.

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