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Indonesia is an archipelago country and situated in the southeast part of Asia.The Capital name is Jakarta and the peoples speak Bahasa as their National language.

With more islands than there are people in a good sized town, and spread across a near-continental swathe of flickering, picturesque sea, Indonesia is influenced by diverse cultures and steeped in varied, enthralling personality. At times, it is a massive overload of the senses, but get past the hurtling traffic and cities of relentless urban sprawl, and you might just find the tropical paradise you had in mind.

Capital Jakarta has suffered numerous terrorist attacks in recent years, and is still considered a dangerous place to visit. It’s an odd, concrete jungle mish-mash of a city, and many find the commotion difficult to deal with, but underneath it all you’ll find a decadent, party hard ethos and a deep seated desire to succeed that can effortlessly become seductive.

Most visitors, of course, head straight for the forests or beaches.Thetemples of striking yet tourist inundated Bali are an obvious starting point.Destinations like Weh Island which is full of empty beaches, and offers the chance to swim with whale sharks or Sumba where tribal traditions stand tall amid the isolation however offer more in the way of cultural and aesthetical appeal. Explore the tribal aspects of Sumba,in fact and you may even witness the messy sacrifice that traditionally accompanies a funeral,or the violent ritual battles of the Pasola Festivals.

Many prefer something a little less extreme, and you’ll find that too,in the wreck diving and flittering birds of paradise on incredible Biak Island, or in a trip to the Gunung Bromo, the huge steaming volcano that rises above miles of white-sand islets. Then there’s the Indonesian ‘standard’ of swaying palm trees and emerald rice fields,the incredible surfing, intricate woodcarvings.

Indonesia’s so immense that unless you’re well and truly on the tourist trail – you’ll have plenty of unique experiences and discover your own hidden heavens.Stay out of the cities, and make the most of the indigenous cultures,sensational seafood and incredible temples.

Bali is not only famous for its attractions,there are many other islands that are worth the visit are like Lombok is famous for three Gili's Island of Gili Air,Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Lombok itself known also by the Sasak tribe and the highest mountain Rinjani in Lombok.

Bali #1 most popular location
You only have to hear the word Bali, and the mind itself wanders into a dreamlike place where worries are cast adrift and the sun and sand are life's only concerns. Its an iconic island, an a…
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Jakarta #2 most popular location
The Indonesian capital is oddly nicknamed ‘the big durian’, though it turns out this an extremely apt name, as the smelly fruit often prompts a similar love/hate reaction to Jakarta itsel…
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Yogyakarta #3 most popular location
Yogyakarta – often shortened locally to simply Yogja – is at the very heart of the beautiful tourist island of Java, Indonesia, and gives a fantastic taste of what’s to come with the re…
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Bandung #4 most popular location
Bandung is the capital of West Java, Indonesia. It is located on a higher elevation about 180 kms southeast of Jakarta. There is a connecting flight from Jakarta or Bali to Bandung, but it is…
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Ubud #5 most popular location
Famed as the heartland of Balinese culture, Ubud is a mammoth Indonesian tourist draw, home to a lively, traditional art and entertainment scene as well as some great historical tinges that r…
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Kuta #6 most popular location
Probably the largest tourist resort in Indonesia, Kuta sits on the southern end of Bali, nestled in the shadows of the island and providing visitors with over five kilometers of pristine whit…
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Lombok #7 most popular location
This is paradise for anyone who loves the natural beauty of the beach. Lombok is 30 minutes flying from Bali, with the capital city named Mataram. You can also take a ferry, but not very comf…
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Surabaya #8 most popular location
Surabaya is the capital of East Java, where peoples from there are considered rude among Indonesians from the way they talk is a bit loud and often using java language. If you are planning…
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Gili Trawangan #9 most popular location
A small island very close to Lombok. You can reach Gili Trawangan by using timber ships with a duration of about 45 minutes from (Bangsal Harbour)Lombok. There are group of islands called G…
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Batam #10 most popular location
Spanning 45km X 25km, this small yet busy island of Indonesia has a population of close to a million people, and holds hundreds of multinational owned factories, towns and shopping centers. I…
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Solo #11 most popular location
SOLO , also called SURAKARTA or SALA is city in Central of Java Indonesia. SOLO nearby with Yogyakarta (60 kilometers east of Yogyakarta) and Semarang( 100 kilometers south of Semarang ). So…
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Manado #12 most popular location
Manado is the second largest city and capital of North Sulawesi. It is situated on the northern most tip of Sulawesi at the Bay of Manado and is surrounded by a mountainous area. The city is…
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Makassar #13 most popular location
Makassar or commonly known as Ujung Pandang,is the capital of South Sulawesi province of Indonesia. It is the largest town on the island of Sulawesi, and has many interesting places to vis…
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Nusa Lembongan #14 most popular location
Nusa Lembongan is a small island off the east of Bali well known for its famous surf breaks and seaweed cultivation. Holiday makers flock to 'Mushroom Bay' for white sand and clear blue wa…
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Malang #15 most popular location
Malang is small town located about 45 miles south of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. From Surabaya, you can reach there around 1-2 hours by car. Malang is known for ancient Hindu temples, bea…
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Bogor #16 most popular location
Bogor is a small town about 60 kms south of Jakarta. It is considered a great escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the metropolitan Jakarta. Bogor can be an excellent one-day trip from Jakart…
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Medan #17 most popular location
Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia and also the biggest city outside of Java Island. It is well-known for its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society (including large populations of…
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Lembang #18 most popular location
Lembang is a town in the province of West Java, Indonesia. 30 minutes from Bandung, it can be through by public transportation. Lembang is located near to the Tangkuban Perahu mountain. The w…
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Semarang #19 most popular location
Semarang is the capital of Central Java province that located on the north coast of Java Sea. It has both coast and hill. The northern part is the plain coast and the southern is the hilly si…
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Padang #20 most popular location
Surf spots just onfoot Beng Beng => A very consistent world class wave, an extremely rippable left. This spot is loads of fun and probably one of the easiest waves to surf in the Mentawai’…
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Seminyak #21 most popular location
Seminyak is a village in the district of Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Seminyak is 3 miles from Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar, Indonesia) The area is also famous as a tourist beach, comp…
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Bintan #22 most popular location
Just an hour by ferry from Singapore, lies the beautiful Bintan islands. A well-kept secret, Bintan boasts of clear serene shores ideal for snorkeling and light sea sports. There is a wide v…
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Balikpapan #23 most popular location
Balikpapan is a town located on the Indonesian part of Borneo. Balikpapan is the center of industry and commerce in the province that the city is glowing with better infrastructure that other…
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Legian #24 most popular location
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Banjarmasin #25 most popular location
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Pekanbaru #26 most popular location
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Magelang #27 most popular location
Magelang is one city on Central Java, Indonesia. Magelang is located 43 km north from Yogyakarta, and 75 km south of Semarang. Surrounded by mountains and hills such as: Sindoro, Cleft, Boat…
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Palembang #28 most popular location
Palembang is the capital and biggest city in South Sumatera, Indonesia. In the province of Sumatera, Palembang is the second largest city after Medan. The Musi river and Ampera bridge are…
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Amed #29 most popular location
Located in Karangasem regency in East Bali,Amed is a small fishing village but numerous people call Amed the part of the coast from Culik to Aas. It's one of the most beautiful,uncrowded and…
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Sanur #30 most popular location
Sanur is a cozy neighborhood in Bali.In comparison with crazy Kuta, it provides a quite environment for relaxing. The sandy beach is quite clean for laying under the sunshine and the sea is s…
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Pangandaran #31 most popular location
Pangandaran is a small coastal resort town at the south coast of West Java, in the southern Ciamis regency. Pangandaran is a popular weekend and tourist destination with people from Jakarta.…
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Bukittinggi #32 most popular location
Bukittinggi, Indonesian for high hill, is one of big cities in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is situated near Mount Singgalang and Mount Merapi. The land is hilly and the temperature is cool. …
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Nusa Dua #33 most popular location
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Tana Toraja #34 most popular location
Tana Toraja is one of the Indonesian tourist attraction.This area is one tourist attraction in South Sulawesi, which is very interesting and you should not miss. Tana Toraja has a fascinat…
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Flores Island #35 most popular location
Flores Island, 1.30 hours by flight from Bali is famous places of interesting. Kelimutu Lake is famous of three Lake Colours, Bena and Bela traditional house, Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island and R…
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Lovina #36 most popular location
Lovina beach is located around 12 kms from Singaraja in the north of Bali,about 3-4 hours driving from Kuta. A wide range of accommodation and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes are a…
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Pontianak #37 most popular location
Pontianak is the capital of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The longest river in Indonesia, Kapuas river, passes through Pontianak, making Pontianak a key city for transporting natural resources …
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Jimbaran #38 most popular location
Jimbaran Bay is beautiful curving beach and is one of the must see places in Bali which is located in the southern part of the island, only 15 minutes drive from the airport and Kuta. You …
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Bukit Lawang #39 most popular location
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Bandar Lampung #40 most popular location
Bandar Lampung is the capital city of Lampung Province. It can be reached by plane or a bus from Jakarta. With bus, it will end up at Merak harbour then accross the Sunda strait with Ferry. T…
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Ambon #41 most popular location
Ambon city, located in Ambon island is the capital city of Maluku Province. It is one of the largest cities in eastern Indonesia. There are plenty beautiful scenic in Ambon especially the …
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Cirebon #42 most popular location
Cirebon is a city on the north coast of Java Island, in the province of West Java. Because of its location on the border between West and Central Java, though, its culture is a unique blend b…
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Mataram #43 most popular location
Mataram is a capital Lombok Island,only 1 hour by flight from Bali Island and 4 hours by ferry from Padangbai,Bali. Mataram is not big city and many hotels around there. from Mataram you can …
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Bromo #44 most popular location
Mount Bromo is located in East Java. To reach this place you must take plane or other public transport from Surabaya to Probolinggo. Mount Bromo is an active volcano, to get there beside w…
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Denpasar #45 most popular location
Denpasar is Bali's most important city, a hectic rush of traffic,shops,one ways streets and Goverment offices. Lot of to discover but take a tour guide or at least driver if you want to explo…
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Puncak #46 most popular location
Puncak is the name of a mountainous area in the southeastern part of Bogor Regency. This area has cool temperatures which make it a popular resort destination for tourists. Puncak is located…
Banyuwangi #47 most popular location
Banyuwangi is located in east Java. if you are going to cross to Bali by boat, you will definitely pass through the town of Banyuwangi. Well-known tourist attractions in Banyuwangi is Graj…
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Sumatera Utara #48 most popular location
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Batu #49 most popular location
Located 15km west of Malang, Batu is known for its cool, crisp weather. Batu is a popular weekend getaway for those living in nearby cities such as Malang and Surabaya. Home to Jatim Park (am…
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Anyer #50 most popular location
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