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A state known mostly for its rural communities and wide open spaces, Indiana is the smallest state in the U.S. west of the Appalachian Mountains, with the capital city of Indianapolis as the only major city. It is home to the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL, the NBA’s Indiana Pacers, and the Indianapolis 500 motorsports race. Along with its many rural communities, Indiana is home to the Angel Mounds State Historic Site, which is considered one of the most well-preserved prehistoric Native American sites in the entire U.S. All in all, Indiana is a jewel of rural America, well-polished and glinting with possibilities.

The history of the state dates back thousands of years with the Paleo-Indian ruins dating back to 8000 BC, around the end of the Ice Age. The French explorer Rene-Rober Cavelier first cross Indiana in 1679, followed by the fur traders who began trading with the Indians and establishing trading posts along the Wabash River between the Mississippi River and Lake Erie. Ever since then the state has been an important route of trade between the various states, and its history can be tracked because of this. The state is packed full of national forests and state parks, including the majestic Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the Hoosier National Forest.

The rural areas of Indiana are made up of fields and forests with sandstone ravines and gently rolling hills that were carved out by the ancient glaciers of old. Indiana is a marvel to behold when it comes to natural beauty, as most of the state is rural, rather than metropolitan areas. And while it's true that Indianapolis is in-and-of itself is a fairly magnificent city, it is the countryside which draws people to state, especially during the fall and spring seasons when nature is working her magic in hues and splendor. There are plenty of annual festivals every year as well, giving visitors a unique opportunity to see into the heart of American culture.

Indianapolis #1 most popular location
You’ll probably know Indianapolis as the self-proclaimed racing capital of the world. We can’t help thinking that Monaco, Le Mans and Bathurst and a few others might have something to say…
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Fort Wayne #2 most popular location
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Evansville #3 most popular location
Evansville is an interesting little Midwest city. It's big enough to not be called a town but small enough to still be called little. There's a heavy German influence in this town and you…
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South Bend #4 most popular location
South Bend is a nice size town with plenty of things to do. It is also home to Notre Dame College so there is also plenty of college life and games there. If you are ever there when a game …
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Bloomington #5 most popular location
Bloomington is a lovely city housing Indiana University. It's a gem. Stunningly pretty in the winter after snowfall, you can see big ten sports, hear opera for practically nothing at IU, and …
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Merrillville #6 most popular location
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Lafayette #7 most popular location
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Terre Haute #8 most popular location
Terre Haute is a city of about 60,000 located in the west central area of Indiana along the Illinois border. Some not so pretty claims to fame, Terre Haute is home to federal death row, and …
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Michigan City #9 most popular location
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Fishers #10 most popular location
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Carmel #11 most popular location
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Columbus #12 most popular location
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Hammond #13 most popular location
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Richmond #14 most popular location
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Nashville #15 most popular location
Nashville Indiana is located in beautiful Brown County Indiana, just one hour south of Indianapolis IN, Nashville is known to many country music fans as "Little Nashville". Nashville Indiana …
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Portage #16 most popular location
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Chesterton #17 most popular location
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Madison #18 most popular location
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Marion #19 most popular location
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Scottsburg #20 most popular location
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Edinburgh #21 most popular location
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Broad Ripple #22 most popular location
Broad Ripple is a village within a city. Located in the northeast section of Indianapolis, about 15 minutes from downtown, Broad Ripple boasts quaint shops and vibrant nightlife. During d…
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Noblesville #23 most popular location
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Brownsburg #24 most popular location
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Avon #25 most popular location
Avon is a railroad town and is one of the fastest growing places in Indiana. With a location approximately 15 minutes to the west of Indianapolis, Avon has access to the big city activities …
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Monticello #26 most popular location
Santa Claus #27 most popular location
Santa Claus is a small town located in southwest Indiana and is home the Holiday World and Splashi Safari Theme Park. The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is close by which is where Abraham…
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Mount Vernon #28 most popular location
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Florence #29 most popular location
Story #30 most popular location
Whether or not there ever was an actual town called Story is the subject of a sometimes heated debate in Brown County, Indiana. Settlement of the area appears to have begun in 1851 when Dr. G…
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Marengo #31 most popular location
Hartford City #32 most popular location
Hartford City is the county seat of Blackford County in northeastern Indiana. Blackford County is the third smallest county in all of the state. The city saw a relatively boom in the early …
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Whiting #33 most popular location
Whiting, Indiana, with a population of approximately 5000, is a suburb of Chicago, so therefore you get the convenience of close by attractions without needing to stay in Chicago. The South S…
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Unionville #34 most popular location
Unionville is a tiny town of about 500 located along Indiana Highway 45 in Benton Township in Monroe County in South Central Indiana. Unionville was laid out in 1847. In 1911 Unionville was…
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South Milford #36 most popular location
Alexandria #37 most popular location
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Oaktown #38 most popular location
Greentown #39 most popular location
Idaville #40 most popular location
Elwood #41 most popular location
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