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New Delhi, India

India Gate New Delhi Reviews

joytravels joytrave…
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The shine of delhi india gate Dec 01, 2015
The shine of Delhi India gate, India gate is very best and beautiful place India.Beautiful display of Indian heritage. It comes alive at night. I would recommend traveling here late at night when you will still find people here but in lesser numbers. The lights at night make the monument look truly beautiful.

Located in the heart of New Delhi India Gate was built by Edwin Lutyens In 1921. Know more on facts, information related to India Gate in New Delhi, Jai Jawan Jai Hind.
India Gate Delhi
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JosephHike JosephHi…
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A Visit to the Famous War Memorial - India Gate Dec 17, 2014
Anyone coming to New Delhi must visit this beautiful attraction, speaking of tourism terms, this is a good place to spend the evening. You find good snacks vendors, a park very near to India Gate and a water fountain cum park for small picnics.

If you are with a family please choose a bit distant spot from the Gate, as you will find many young people enjoying, screaming and taking snaps continuously near the Gate.

Long and wide green lawns are present near the gate to spend some personal time and chat with friends and family. If you look at the brief reason for the construction of such a massive arch in the middle of New Delhi city, it will really wet your heart.

This arch is a memorial structure for the thousands of Indian and British soldiers who lost their lives in the World War I, & Indo- Pak War 1971.

There is a lamp that is lit 24 hours in memory of the soldiers, this is called the Amar Jawan Jyoti" meaning flame of the immortal soldier.

This visit can be a great opportunity to thank the brave soldiers from deep inside our hearts and pay respects for their sacrifice.

This place is easily accessible by auto-rickshaw, taxi and even by Delhi metro.

Thank You soldiers! Salute to your sacrificial spirit.
Burning flame at the Amar Jawan Jy…
At the foot of the huge arch of In…
Fountain near India Gate Delhi - i…
India Gate - a great national heri…
mdfehmel mdfehmel
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India Gate and the Governmental Center of Delhi Apr 09, 2012
The best sight-seeing is NOT in (New) Delhi is you are travelling through India, however, there are enough sites to see to keep you busy for a day or so is you happen to be there. One of the most notable historical sites is India Gate which sits at the exact epicenter of the city, which wraps around it like a pinwheel. India Gate is India's war memorial for fallen soldiers from several different conflicts in Indian history. It is very large and can be seen from quite a distance and if you are doing business out and about around the governmental building complexes, you will see it often. After 8 trips to New Delhi, this was the first time I actually got out of the car and went up close to see it. It is inscribed with the names of all fallen soldiers along with their unit names by conflict. It is also held sacred and guarded by the Indian Army. Be aware, that wherever there are tourists, so too are there beggars and children trying to sell you whatever they can. It can also be quite hot there, so make sure you pack a bottle of water from your hotel. The monument is located at the far end of the India equivalent of the Washington Mall, with the Presidential Palace located at the other end. Along the mall there are plenty of grassy parks which are a constant attraction to the locals taking a stroll or playing a pick-up game of football or Cricket. If you make it to India Gate, you might as well drive the length of the Mall drive up into the parliamentary building complex to see the home of the President of India. The governmental buildings are immense and are designed using the Mogul influence, quite the same as the Red Fort.
India Gate - New Delhi, India.
On the grounds of India Gate - New…
India Gate - New Delhi, India.
India Gate - New Delhi, India.
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drmcflurry drmcflur…
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Indian Arc de Triomphe Sep 11, 2012
What can I say, it's a gate and a pretty large one. If you ever come here be ready for a very long walk if you aren't keen on risking being scammed by the tuktuks leading to the gate. The place is good for a late afternoon stroll when Delhi isn't sizzling. Be prepared to fend off hawkers that surround the area as this place is very much a tourist spot for everyone. There is an artificial small pond on the side where people take small boats on a murky water but other than that there is not much to do here. You can try some of the food stalls that sell indian snacks and drinks but get ready to be 'delhi belly'-ed up if you're not careful. This place would probably be a nice place to visit just as you wind down your short term love affair with India. Take a nice relaxing stroll, get your photo taken, then move on.
India Gate
Nair2011 Nair2011
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Memorial to brave Indian soldiers Jun 16, 2012
Indian gate was built in 1931 as a memorial to brave soldiers. This 42 meters in height construction is made of sand stone. India gate is the end point of the processional path of India republic day celebrations. Very important people all over the world visit this place to witness the parade every year.

This memorial is opposite to Indian parliament and Presidents home. Can be reached by Delhi metro. Exiting gate 3 from central secretariat station on yellow line we will reach the procession road.

2KMs walk to reach on this path looking at India gate is always fun. Many street vendors will be all along this road in the evening.

As per a sign in Central Secretariat station, the eternal flame in the shrine beneath India Gate burns since 1971 in homage to the Unknown soldier, who made the supreme sacrifice for the Nation.

Also next to India gate we see a fountain and a small channel of water with boating for evening goers..
Presidents home..
India gate.. Processional path of …
India gate
India gate
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Impressive gate!! Feb 13, 2011
Located in the heart of New Delhi, India Gate is a vast and impressive monument that was built in order to commemorate the many Indian soldiers who lost their lives while fighting under the British Raj.

While the monument was home to a statue of King George V, this was removed and the monument is now home to a tomb belonging to an unknown soldier. A flame burns here for the soldier too, and the monument is manned by soldiers as well.

The area is very spacious and green, and many families come here as a day trip. To the side of the gate lies a fountain which is not affiliated with the monument, but worth taking a quick side trip too.

Although it’s not a national monument officially, it has the grandeur and effect as if it should be one. It is very accessible from the metro station, and I think it’s worth a quick look.
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spocklogic spocklog…
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The Arc de Triomphe of India Jan 14, 2009
The India gate archway sits in the middle of a crossroads in New Delhi. The foundations stone was laid in place by the Duke of Connaught in 1921 and then dedicated after its completion 10 years later (1931) by the British viceroy of India Lord Irwin. It is essentially a memorial to the 60,000 Indian soldiers who died fighting in World War I for the British army. Inscribed on the structure are over 13,000 thousand names of British and Indian soldiers killed in the Afgan war of 1919.

Like the Jaipur Column, the India Gate was designed by Sir Edwin Luytens. It is 138 feet (42 m) tall and 30 fee (9 m) wide and is estimated to weigh about 34,000 tons (that's over 30 million Kg). The inscription at the top of the arch below INDIA flanked by the two dates (1914 and 1919) reads:


I could not get very close to it because it was blocked off with police barriers. I got one shot of it from a distance during the day. It was all lit up with an orange glow at night, but couldn't get a clear (non-blurry) photo of it. I include a couple of photos from online to show it close up:

Photo ref. link -
India gate (my photo)
India gate (not my photo)
India gate (not my photo)
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mattkati00 mattkati…
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India Gate Nov 12, 2007
The India gate was originally a gift from the British to the Indians as a sign and offering of friendship. We saw this on DDay, and it truely was a powerful experience and mixing pot of culture
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