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Known as the Heritage Village of the Philippines, the province is where a myriad of culture and history converge to become a living museum of a spirited past. Vigan city, a national shrine, a living museum, ancestral houses, cobble-stoned streets - all shared space in the timeless land of Ilocos Sur.

Ilocos Sur boasts a rich history and heritage. The Ilocano-Spanish heritage gave birth to a unique culture. With traditions still being practiced and customs observed, Ilocano life is indeed very colorful.

The province has numerous cultural, religious, eco-tourism and natural attractions to offer, among which are the following:
1. Santiago cove
2. Pinsal falls
3. Beaches of Pug-os, Sulvec, and Apatot
4. Many, many falls
5. Vigan museums
6. Tirad Pass
7. Watch towers (Sulvec, etc)
8. Pilgrimage churches

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