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One of the most agriculturaly and demographically diverse Midwestern state in America is Illinois. Home to such cities as Chicago, Springfield and Peoria, the state is known for being rich in natural resources such as coal and wood, and the Port Chicago connects to the Great Lakes via the Mississippi River, making it an economical hub for the central region of the United States. Chicago is the third largest city in the nation, and the state itself is known as the Prairie State, due to the majority of the state being made of wide open plains of farmland that has become known as the Heart of Illinois.

At first glance, Illinois might appear to offer very little in terms of reasons to visit, but the truth of the matter is that the state is rich in history, although it might be lacking in terms of natural beauty. For example, Cahokia is the site of a prehistoric Native American city, one of only eight UNESCO World Heritage sites in the United States, compared to the hundreds spread around the world. The Lewis and Clark Trail goes through Illinois, and the capital of Springfield not only boasts the capital building but Abraham Lincoln's tomb and his home, as well as the old State Capitol. Then there's Chicago herself, which is one of the world's most well-known cities, famous for its deep dish pizza and blues music scene.

Illinois is packed with museums and historical buildings showcasing American history, but the state also has two major league baseball teams: the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. In addition, the Chicago Bears are an NFL team, and their basketball team, the Chicago Bulls, is one of the most well-known basketball teams in the world. The Chicago Blackhawks recently won the NHL's Stanley Cup. There are dozens of national parks and within the state as well, making for a diverse experience regardless of what time of year you happen to travel.

Chicago #1 most popular location
Chicago is one of those great American cities that almost defies any sort of description you try to attach to it. Sure, it's a major hub in the Midwest, and between the blues and jazz festiva…
3,987travelers 529reviews 235blogs
Springfield #2 most popular location
The lone 30-story skyscraper may look a bit out of place, jutting out from hundreds of miles of surrounding farmland. But that's because this is a city that doesn't try to be pretentious. T…
49travelers 44reviews 10blogs
Rosemont #3 most popular location
2travelers 15reviews 1blogs
Schaumburg #4 most popular location
Although still listed as the "Village of Schaumburg" this sprawing developed major suburb of Chicago in Illinois has a population of 75,386 as of the year 2000. Along the I-290 freeway and t…
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Rockford #5 most popular location
Rockford was founded in 1834 by Germanicus Kent as the village of Midway because it was approximately midway between his home of Galena and the city of Chicago, the area continued to be recog…
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Naperville #6 most popular location
44travelers 4reviews
Champaign #7 most popular location
Champaign is a small city in the central Illinois, however it's one of the most important towns in the state as the home of the University of Illinois. The city is located in the center of…
53travelers 8reviews 2blogs
Peoria #8 most popular location
55travelers 4reviews
Bloomington #9 most popular location
Bloomington, neighbor to Normal, Illinois, is home to Illinois Wesleyan University. (Illinois State University is in Normal). The city, one of the largest in Illinois, offers a variety of e…
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Moline #10 most popular location
18travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Effingham #11 most popular location
The rather small town of just over 12,000 bills itself as "The Crossroads of Opportunity" because of the intersections of major Interstate highways running both east and west and north and so…
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Joliet #12 most popular location
21travelers 1reviews
Waukegan #13 most popular location
Waukegan is about 40 miles north of Chicago, and only 8 miles from the border of Wisconsin, which makes it roughly the halfway point between Chicago and Milwaukee. The 10th largest city …
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Gurnee #14 most popular location
Depending on traffic,Gurnee is about an hours drive from downtown Chicago.Gurnees three main attractions are: 1) the amusement park Six Flags Great America, 2) Gurnee Mills shopping center, 3…
8travelers 5reviews
Marion #15 most popular location
8travelers 4reviews
Northbrook #16 most popular location
Upscale environment with many stores, high end items that vary from jewelry to furniture stores. Lots of traffic, and population is high. Transportation available is the metra, bus, and perso…
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Mount Vernon #17 most popular location
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Saint Charles #18 most popular location
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Urbana #19 most popular location
Urbana is a small town in the central Illinois, however it's one of the most important towns in the state as the home of the University of Illinois. The city is located in the center of th…
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Collinsville #20 most popular location
4travelers 4reviews
Lombard #21 most popular location
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Hoffman Estates #22 most popular location
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O'Fallon #23 most popular location
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Normal #24 most popular location
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Decatur #25 most popular location
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Danville #26 most popular location
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Arlington Heights #27 most popular location
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Warrenville #28 most popular location
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Tinley Park #29 most popular location
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Aurora #30 most popular location
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Vernon Hills #31 most popular location
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Des Plaines #32 most popular location
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Fairview Heights #33 most popular location
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Mattoon #34 most popular location
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Metropolis #35 most popular location
Metropolis is a small community of about 6,500 population just across the Ohio river from Paducah, Kentucky. In 1972 when DC Comics named Metropolis the homtown of Superman it gave this smal…
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Evanston #36 most popular location
This is a college town through and through, but with a certain sophistication. Chicago professionals live, eat, and drink here, so you get some of the benefits of Chicago without the crazy tr…
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Schiller Park #37 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews
Elgin #38 most popular location
15travelers 1reviews
Oak Park #39 most popular location
Oak Park, Illinois is a suburb just west of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States. Oak Park has easy access to downtown Chicago (the Chicago Loop) thanks to public transportation su…
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Oak Brook #40 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Litchfield #41 most popular location
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Oakbrook Terrace #42 most popular location
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Itasca #43 most popular location
The Village of Itasca is a small suburb of Chicago in DuPage County, Illinois, United States with a population of 8,302 in the year 2000. Itasca is located 10 miles west of one of the busies…
5travelers 1reviews
Princeton #44 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Bedford Park #45 most popular location
Libertyville #46 most popular location
Got to love this place for its heart welcoming community. Lots of random things to do with family or friends. I seen lots of restaurants, stores, and trails to walk or run. Located here is th…
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Salem #47 most popular location
Salem is the county seat of Marion County, located in south-central Illinois. Population is, give or take, 8500 people.
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Rolling Meadows #48 most popular location
Burr Ridge #49 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Niles #50 most popular location
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