If any physical altercations =/

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Beijing, China

If any physical altercations =/ Beijing Reviews

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Don't fight!! Feb 26, 2011
So, I wasn't sure if I should mention this particular incident, but I think it is something noteworthy enough for people traveling in China, just in case.

I was walking on a main street in Beijing one night with a friend at about 8 p.m. heading to dinner. As we turn the corner, a girl slaps a guy in the face in some kind of argument. They are fairly young Chinese in their twenties; the guy grabbed her hair and started yelling at her. He started to push her and hit her to the ground telling her she has lost her mind by hitting him.

My friend and I stopped. (I don't take that stuff likely at all.) I started walking towards them and yelled at him in mandarin, basically, what the hell is he doing and he needs to stop bullying her. After I got close, I pounced forwards and started to swing at him, but I quickly stopped and backed off to where my friend was standing. I remembered a couple of important things about situations like this in general and in China.

First of all, I'm not sure about other places in China, but I know for a fact that people in Beijing fight dirty. Physical altercations get serious quickly. People are very quick to call all of their friends and use weapons, not guns, but knives, etc. I didn't have anyone to call =/

Second, my friend was just telling me a couple of days previous to this occurrence that he had a classmate in studying in China that simply tried to break up a fight that he saw in a restaurant. His friend,a foreigner, was arrested. He was deported and currently has trouble travelling back into China. Now, I'm not certain of all of the details to the fight; it very well could have been the classmate actually starting a fight, etc. Still, I know that the Chinese government doesn't take it lightly when a foreigner is doing something they aren't suppose to or causing some kind of trouble.

Third, there is no telling how well connected this young man may be, especially after observing his behavior of being so violent with a girl right out in public. There is an infamous group of people that are richer than imaginable, called "fu ar dai". They can pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want because of the money and power they have. Not only would my interference have not helped, but I could really mess up my own life.

Then of course, there is the whole, mind your own business when you don't know what is going on thing, which should be a part of a person's logic at times anywhere in the world. There is nothing, in my mind, she could have done to deserve what was happening to her, but still, I don't know them. A person never knows how their interference would actually affect a situation.

I did a bit more than I should have after thinking about it though because sometimes I have a problem controlling myself when it comes to doing what is the right thing but making myself do what's best in general. I eventually walked away and was really upset. What was worse was that there were plenty of people around that didn't even stop to look.

Later, I talked with several people from Beijing and Shanghai and asked how often something like this occurs, the domestic abuse in the streets and people just letting it happen. Both often, though both understood by all to be atrocious. The first one is not exactly explainable. The second one has a more tangible argument. This well known possible Chinese urban legend explains it. An old man fell in the street one day and couldn't move because his hip broke. A young man saw this and carried the man all the way to the hospital. The old man was fixed up but had to stay in the hospital for weeks because of how bad the fall was. The family accused the young man of somehow causing the accident. The old man was not exactly clear because of how old he was, so the young man had no solid proof. The family tried to make the man pay for all of the medical care, every last cent. Not sure who won the case after it was brought to court.

So, these two stories are pretty disheartening, but it is a very possible occurrence that someone could come across while travelling in Beijing or somewhere else in China. The best advice to give is to probably have a two step course of action 1. Yell to try to make people stop fighting 2. If they don't, call the police 110 and walk away. Don't stay to be involved in the situation, just call the police and leave. I didn't know the phone number for the police at the time, and I really really regret it.

I hope this can prevent someone from getting into any trouble somewhere!!!!
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