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Sat just outside the Arctic Circle, and buried under a deep frost for most of the year, the island of Iceland is European nature at its best. You can wait for bursting geysers, swim in scorching hot springs or head out into the central wilderness and simply stare open-mouthed at the astonishing Icelandic countryside, and do it all with Iceland’s own haunting musicians, Bjork and Sigur Ros, as a beautifully apt soundtrack.

Capital Reykjavik has all the indisputable class of a big name European city, but the welcoming vibe of a tiny village. Every weekend the entire population seem to join in an epic bar crawl, drinking and laughing until dawn on the city’s icy streets. The lucky will catch a glimpse of the northern lights, though it’s hard not to be content with the charming architecture, snowy mountain scenes and steaming open-air swimming pools.

For all the undeniable joys of Reykjavik, however, it’s the incredible countryside that visitors to the island never forget. Full of imposing mountains, snowy glaciers and steep-sided fjords, and broken with only the occasional turf-topped house half buried in the soil, it’s a vast, unmissable wilderness of volcanoes, spurting geysers and iceberg spattered coasts.

You can go rafting down the glacial torrents at Jokulsa-Austari, or trot across the seemingly endless countryside between tiny towns on your own proud steed. At Gulfoss you’ll find a geyser spurting at regular intervals, and a spectacular but icy cold waterfall plunging over the cliff side, while the toasty, misty waters of the Blue Lagoon make up the countries most renowned thermal pool.

An icy wonderland that goes beyond even the most imaginative of mid-winter dreams, Iceland is one country that’s worth leaving the tourist trail for. You’ll meet experiences that simply couldn’t exist anywhere else, alongside a local populace that remain staunchly upbeat despite the long winters and deep-seated recent financial difficulties. Soak it all up, beer in hand, from your steaming outdoor hot spring, and start planning your return trip.

Reykjavik #1 most popular location
Iceland’s tiny capital has an almost inconceivable quantity of character. Home of spurting geysers, mammoth hot spring baths where you can lounge amongst fresh snow fall and a music scene t…
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Keflavik #2 most popular location
Keflavik is a town located on a small peninsula in southwestern Iceland. With a small population of 10,000 it was founded in the early 16th century. Its heavy development was aided by the fis…
18travelers 14reviews 16blogs
Akureyri #3 most popular location
Akureyri is with 17.250 inhabitants Iceland's fourth largest city, although it is considered the second city by many and also the capital of the North. The location and accessibility of the c…
34travelers 24reviews 7blogs
Geysir #4 most popular location
Geysir (sometimes known as The Great Geysir), in the Haukadalur, Iceland, is the oldest known geysir and one of the world's most impressive examples of the phenomenon. The English word geysir…
11reviews 10blogs
Vik #5 most popular location
The village Vík in the south of Iceland is indicated on road signs from a long distance (about 180 km from Reykjavík), despite its small size (about 300 inhabitants). It is an important …
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Thingvellir #6 most popular location
Þingvellir (Thingvellir) is the National Park where the Alpingi - an open-air assembly, which represented the whole of Iceland - was established in 930 and continued to meet until 1798, loca…
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Husavik #7 most popular location
Húsavík is a small town of 2500 inhabitants in the North-east of Iceland at the shore of Skjálfandi bay. Tourism and fishing provide the main income for the town, with some shops and small…
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Jokulsarlon #8 most popular location
Jökulsárlón is the best known and the largest of a number of glacial lakes in Iceland. It is situated at the south end of the glacier Vatnajökull between Skaftafell National Park and Höf…
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Myvatn #9 most popular location
Lake Myvatn is located in the North East of Iceland, near to one of the country's most active volcanic areas, Krafla. A series of eruptions occurred in the late 70s and early 80s. It is the c…
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Gullfoss #10 most popular location
Gullfoss is a waterfall located in the canyon of Hvítá river in southwest Iceland. Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The wide Hvítá rushes southwa…
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Hofn #11 most popular location
Höfn is a small Icelandic fishing town in the southeast corner of the country. With a population under 2000, Höfn is far from a bustling city. Höfn is a popular spot due to its close p…
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Selfoss #12 most popular location
The town Selfoss started developing in 1891, when a suspension bridge was built across the most voluminous river in Iceland, Olfusa. This bridge collapsed in 1944 and a new one was constructe…
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Skaftafell #13 most popular location
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Skogar #14 most popular location
Skogar is located about 30km's west of Vik along the Ring Road. The attraction of Skogar is the picturesque and powerful Skogafoss waterfall which can easily been seen from the road (so you w…
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Blue Lagoon #15 most popular location
The Blue Lagoon (Icelandic: "Bláa Lónið") geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The steamy waters are part of an other-worldly lava formation. The Blue Lagoon s…
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Egilsstadir #16 most popular location
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Stykkisholmur #17 most popular location
Stykkisholmur is a small fishing and tourism town on the northern edge of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland. A ferry leaves from the harbour taking visitors to the Westfjords.…
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Hella #18 most popular location
Hella is a village of just around 650 inhabitants, located in South Iceland. The tourism industry is a vital part of the economy, with Landmannalaugar and Hekla Volcano in it's "backyard", su…
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Kirkjubaejarklaustur #19 most popular location
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Borgarnes #20 most popular location
A small town of about 2000 inhabitants, Borgarnes is situated on a small peninsula in Borgarfjörður. It is located about 70 km west of Reykjavik and it is connected to Iceland's ringroad th…
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Skogafoss #21 most popular location
Just off the main ring road, at the village of Skogar, this is a very impressive powerful waterfall. Can walk along the stone riverbank and get in as close as you dare, before deciding how so…
Grundarfjordur #22 most popular location
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Grindavik #23 most popular location
Grindavík is one of the most important fishing towns of Iceland. Tourism plays an increasing role and commerce and light industry thrive well. Grindavik boasts of the small park Solarve nea…
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Laugarvatn #24 most popular location
Hvolsvollur #25 most popular location
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Haukadalur #26 most popular location
Haukadalur is a valley in the community of Blásksógabyggð. The most famous sites is without a doubt the geothermal area with Geysir and Strokkur hotsprings. These hotsprings became active…
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Isafjordur #27 most popular location
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Dettifoss #28 most popular location
Dettifoss is a waterfall located in northeastern Iceland, not far from Mývatn. It is situated on the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, which flows from the Vatnajökull glacier and collects water…
Seljalandsfoss #29 most popular location
Seljalandsfoss is one of the most famous waterfalls of Iceland. It is very picturesque and therefore its photo can be found in many books and calendars. It was a waypoint during the first leg…
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Gulfoss #30 most popular location
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Godafoss #31 most popular location
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Seydisfjördur #32 most popular location
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Vestmannaeyjar #33 most popular location
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Saudarkrokur #34 most popular location
25km's north of the Ring Road on route #75 is Saudarkrokur. Population: 2,600. It is the largest town in northwest Iceland. There are hotels, restaurants, gas, banks, shops, post office, serv…
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Golden Circle #35 most popular location
The Golden Circle is a popular tourist route in South Iceland, covering about 300 km looping from Reykjavík into central Iceland and back. The three primary stops on the route are the nat…
Grindavík #36 most popular location
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Landmannalaugar #37 most popular location
Landmannalaugar (Icelandic, meaning the hot springs of the people of (the) land) is a region near the volcano Hekla in the Southern Highlands of Iceland. Landmannalaugar can only be reache…
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Kerid #38 most popular location
Kerið is a volcanic crater lake located in south central Iceland, on the popular tourist route known as the Golden Circle. It is one of several crater lakes in the area, created as the land …
Thingeyjarsveit #39 most popular location
Breiddalsvik #40 most popular location
Breiðdalsvík is a small fishing village in the Eastfjords, located directly off of the Ring Road between Djupivogur & Egilsstadir. There are a couple of hotels along with a few B&B's, a …
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Hafnarfjörður #41 most popular location
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Rekjavik #42 most popular location
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Vatnajokull #43 most popular location
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Hafnarfjordur #44 most popular location
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Seidisfjoerdur #45 most popular location
Seyðisfjörður is a small fishing town on the east coast of Iceland. The town of Seyðisfjörður experienced an economic boost, when the Norwegian Otto Wathne and others began fishing and …
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Blonduos #46 most popular location
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South Iceland #47 most popular location
Reykholt #48 most popular location
In Reykholt lived in the Middle Ages one of the most important persons in Icelandic history: Snorri Sturluson. He was a famous poet and politician whose records of the Old Norse language and …
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Mosfellsbaer #49 most popular location
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Djupivogur #50 most popular location
Djupivogur is a small fishing village in the Eastfjords between Jokulsarlon and Egilsstadir. There is a hotel, restaurants, grocery store, wine store, church and other services to be found in…
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