I am moving to London from Canada, How much money should i leave with if i am going to get a job when i get there

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London, England

I am moving to London from Canada, How much money should i leave with if i am going to get a job when i get there Reviews

esperanto esperanto
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Jul 24, 2007
There are ways to get around the monstrous costs of living in London.

Ive compiled some pointers to try help out with an estimate of the prices. Then you can figure out how much you do of each and work out a monthly living allowance for yourself.

1. Accomodation, (hint never ever rent in the heart of london)

You will be able to find yourself a decent let for about £200 - £250 per month as long as you stay out of the heart of london, but for travelling constraints make sure you stay within zone 4 of the travelcard zones, areas such as these are St. Margarets, Twickenham, kingston*, whitton, hammersmith etc. get a tube map and look at the space between the zone 3 ring and the zone 4 ring. ***ensure the property you rent states that all bills are included****

* places like kingston are especially cheap as they contain universities, its not uncommon to find lets here for around 150 - 200 quid a month.

2. Food, (Morrisons and Tescos are your friends)

Never ever be tempted to buy from your local cornershop unless its an emergency, the dirty floors may make it seem cheaper but trust me its not, always buy from either tescos or morrisons and always stick to either one or the other, on your first shop ask for a rewards card, its free and will save you money in the long run.

Note. Morrisons has more offers eg. 2 for 1 Tescos is cheaper per item, (by a fraction)

I spend roughly 120 quid on food a month, and thats a shitload of food :P

3. Gym membership, £30 a month :P I like to go maby you dont ... who knows, lodsa pretty ladies in sp... anyways next point.

4. Travel, now here is a tricky one, (I have managed to reduce my costs by about half).. by buying a motorbike. maby this isnt your first choice, so here is what to avoid,

In london never take a car, conjestion charge is worse than the plague,

Never fork out for paper tickets for trains and busses and if your ever out late in central london never let one of the bike carriges pull you around (theyre a rip off)

I nstead get either a pre-pay oyster card, or a travelcard oystercard, but be aware it wont cover some overground stations, but even so is worth it. It can be applied for at any train station and is valid for all forms of public transport, around £70 a month just for london zones 1-4)

5. Going out, Going out anywhere in london is extorsionate, you want my advise, go to a student bar and get wrecked beforehand then hit a club, that way they'll only rip you off on the 15 quid entrance fee. expect to pay £100 for a nights clubbing

6. phone. If you want a contract phone (I advise against it) go with vodafone, they have the cheapest international calls, and deals such as stop the clock. If i were you get a phone from tescos and a pre-pay simcard from orange. ££ depends on who you call :P

all in all you should be looking at about

£700 for a month, thats living pretty tight. but hey its the price for living in london

Hope this helps ..
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lovely_lori88 says:
thanks for the tips...i am also moving from canada to london :)
Posted on: Dec 15, 2007
esperanto says:
Sorry yeah and I forgot first months rent will include a deposit of a months rent if that makes sence :P see this webpage for accomodation,
easyroommate.com or somethign like that, ill lookup the link,

Posted on: Jul 24, 2007
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