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Hyatt Pure Spa Apr 29, 2008
Awaken in the morning. Rejuvenate at midday. Unwind in the evening.

It’s your body’s fundamental daily journey toward balance—and it’s the foundation for everything we do at Spa Avania. Against the vibrant hues of the Arizona desert comes the first Scottsdale spa resort where every detail has been seamlessly choreographed to the science of time. A uniquely holistic approach that bases your total-immersion experience on the inescapably cyclical needs of your body at key periods of the day. At Spa Avania, we’ve blended personalized treatment offerings, mineral water therapy, uniquely synchronized music styling, YogaAway, diet, and the antioxidant blessings of the world’s finest teas into an artful indoor-outdoor oasis. Streaming natural light from oculus assist your body in mastering its own internal clock. The result is an all-senses infusion that respects your body’s changing demands for equilibrium throughout the day. A time-focused philosophy grounded in the body’s natural daily rhythms and requirements. For only when the five senses align so perfectly are you able to experience the ideal state we call “avania.” Spa Avania…the first complete spa experience choreographed to your body’s perfect timing.

Rituals are a guiding force that brings us back to the time honored tradition of pampering body and soul .Spa Avania presents authentic Balinese inspired offerings.


Spa Avania has thoughtfully customized spring and summer offerings with USPA of Australia, to bring authentic Balinese influences to its time of the day philosophy. From soft organic bedding, natural cloth wraps, grounding footbaths, Balinese body palming and pure aromas.

Awaken …may chang , lime ,bergamot ,and peppermint

Rejuvenate … jasmine; geranium, calendula and rose

Unwind… chamomile blue, yarrow and lavender slip the body

Every detail has been considered to harmonize the offerings.

The Facial

90 minute $ 225.00

Pure botanical extracts with centuries of historical relevance combined with the latest technology create therapeutic facials customized to the individual. Most pressing skin concern are addressed thorough holistic approach, creating positive change. This includes premature aging, sensitivity, dryness and dehydration, inflammation, uneven skin tone and texture, and congestion and acne.

Body Rituals

Bamboo and Ginseng Body Polish

60 minute $ 165.00

Renew your skin in a mixture blend of ginseng and ginko with stimulating bamboo grounds in lavender water. This exfoliating scrub will revitalize weary skin, increase circulation and remove impurities. Newly revealed smooth skin will be nourished with moisturizer containing sesame and sweet almonds oil.

Aloe Green Tea Linen Wrap

60 minute $ 180.00

Discover the healing power in calming wrap of aloe vera infused with powerful green tea. Cocooned in natural cloth, the face and scalp are gently massaged with essential plant oils to restore the psyche….

Balinese Scalp and Hair Elixir Infusion

45 minute $ 75.00

An authentic Balinese head massage incorporating time of the day aromatherapy. The scalp is cleansed with gentle exfoliating tonic . An intensive restructuring mask with china bark, shea butter and coconut oil with a hint of rose will restore damaged hair and nourishes the scalp. Frangipani Aromatic Shine is used to infuse the hair and mind.

Nail Rituals

Organic Botanical Manicure and Pedicure

90 minute $ 170.00

Elements of the earth combine to purify, soften and restore. Fine ground pumice infused with organic wild thyme and cooling essential oils soften and revive weary feet. Bamboo grounds with ginseng and ginko gently refine hands. Clays from lush Australian volcanic resources blend with a restorative herbal complex purify. True tangerine and rose in light sesame and sweet almond oils nourish and hydrate. A finishing mist of Damask Rose will soothe the complexion and soul.

Balinese Mandi Susu Pedicure

60 minute $ 95.00

Based on the purest extract of true rose, this foot ritual provides a sensory experience while diminishing stress and restoring hydration and softness. Feet are enveloped in the warm traditional Mandi Susu bath of true rose, restorative salts, and skin softening yogurt enzymes. A lovely mist of earthy Damask Rose moistens the complexion and cues the system to ease into relaxation as only true rose can.

Color therapy lip ritual

I am….I trust….Reborn…

Book any two treatments from Spa Avania’s spring menu and take home a gift of lipstick. Color Affirmation Range Therapy utilizes a unique blend of color combinations to help unlock the positive emotional and intuitive side in all of us.

Morning Offerings

Experience One - two hours - $297

Energizing Vichy - Aroma Sunrise Ritual

Experience Two - two hours - $297

Dry Exfoliation - Vitalizing Mineral Massage

Passage - three hours $490

Vitalizing Mineral Wrap - 60 min Avania Massage

Skin Resonance Facial

Journey - four hours $555

De-Age Wrap - 60 min Vitalizing Mineral Massage

Green Clay Facial - Avania Pedicure

All morning packages include yoga away, morning flight and tea

Midday Offerings

Experience One - two hours $297

Nourishing Vichy - Aroma Midday Ritual

Experience Two - two hours $297

Dry Exfoliation - Balancing Mineral Massage

Passage - three hours $490

Balancing Mineral Wrap - 60 min Avania Massage

Crushed Pearl Facial

Journey - four hours $555

Desert Essence Wrap - 60 min Balancing Mineral Massage

Hydramemory Facial - Avania Pedicure

All afternoon packages include yoga away, mid-day flight and tea

Evening Offerings

Experience - two hours $297

Calming Vichy - Aroma Sunset Ritual

Experience Two - two hours $297

Dry Exfoliation - Relaxing Mineral Massage

Passage - three hours $490

Relaxing Mineral Wrap - 60 min Avania Massage

Recover Touch Facial

Journey - four hours $555

60 min Relaxing Mineral Massage - Desert Essence Wrap

Glorious Skin Facial - Avania Pedicure

All evening packages include yoga away, evening flight and tea.

Bride & Groom Experiences

In celebration of your special day let our Spa Avania prepare you with a selection of offerings and experiences just perfect for the bride, groom or bridal party! Additionally, a bridal gift registry is available through the Spa Concierge, providing both services and products as gifts for the bride or groom. To schedule your Spa Bride & Groom Consultation call 480.483.5539.

Petals and Pearls Journey

Nourishing · Sensorial · Illuminating

Yoga Away Stress Reduction Class

Crushed Pearl Scrub & Body Wrap

Crushed Pearl Manicure & Pedicure

Conditioning Scalp Treatment

Spa Cuisine Flight and Tea Service

Gift of Absolute Pearl Light Concentrate

From $528.00

Relax before your wedding

“His” Distinctive Journey

Private · Soothing · Groomed

Avania Massage

Gentlemen’s Manicure and Pedicure

Deep Scalp Treatment and Hair Cut

Barber Shave

Spa Cuisine Flight


Spa Bachelorette / Bridal Parties

Togetherness · Fun · Polished

(Party of 4)

Yoga Away Class

Avania Body Polish

Shampoo and Styling

Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Cuisine Flight and Champagne Toast


“The Beginning”

Secluded · Duet · Memories

Avania Couple’s Ritual

Couple’s Facials

Couple’s Pedicures

Spa Cuisine Flights and Champagne Toast

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