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Husafell Overview

The village Húsafell is situated in the west of Iceland not far from Reykholt in the Reykholtsdalur.

It is interesting because of the natural wonders around it: For example the Hraunfossar, where water comes out from a lava field over a length of about 1 km. They are placed in a setting of birchwood. The trees here grow up to 4 m. The caves of another lava field, Hallmundarhraun are also not too far away, f. ex. the Surtshellir.

The village can be the starting point for excursions on the highlands Arnavatnsheiði. This region is well renowned for the multitude of lakes where it is possible to go fishing.

near Húsafell are Barnafossar, very beautyful waterfalls.
Many Icelandic folk tales have been associated with Barnafossar, the most famous being about two boys from a nearby farm, Hraunsás. One day, the boys parents went with their ploughmen to a church. The boys were supposed to stay at home but as they grew bored they decided to follow their parents. They were going to make a shortcut and crossing a natural stone-bridge that was above the waterfalls. But on their way they felt dizzy and fell into the water and drowned. When their mother found out what had happened, she put a spell on the bridge saying that nobody would ever cross it without drowning himself. A little while later, the bridge was demolished in an earthquake