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One of the major tourist headquarters along the Red Sea for European travelers is Hurghada. It is a relatively modern resort town, and while it boasts a wide variety of resorts and restaurants it lacks any sort of historical features. Traditionally the town was simply a small fishing village that transformed into a major coastal destination around the 1980s. It started off as a resort for Egyptians on holiday from Cairo, slowly transforming into a major hub for European travelers, especially those from Italy and the Eastern European countries.

Hurghada’s main lure is the diving and snorkeling offered in the Red Sea. Even if you don't have a license to do so on your own, there are literally dozens of coral reefs and schools of tropical fish within thirty feet of the beach, making it excellent for snorkeling. If you want to try diving, you can simply hire a scuba expedition from your hotel or one of the local variants. However, even though it is located on the coast, it is also close to some of the desert regions, as well as Biblical places, making Hurghada a center for more than just diving and snorkeling fans. Visitors can go for quad trips out on the open dunes of the Sahara, or take camel rides out to some of the old ruins. While the resorts themselves offer luxurious accommodations, getting out into the elements is the only way you'll experience what Hurghada really has to offer.

One of the preferred activities is to head out on a boat trip to the uninhabited islands of Giftun, which have some of the most beautiful coral reefs on the entire planet, as well as plenty of white beaches to relax on. After a long day of diving, sunbathing, or trekking through the desert, return to Hurghada and enjoy a night of good food, a soothing blend of molasses tobacco smoked through a hookah, and the local drink Karkaday. A perfect way to spend your holiday.

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