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Nestled in the heart of Europe is one of the oldest countries on the continent: Hungary. A member of both Schengen and the European Union, the country is a melting-pot of diversity on more than just a cultural scale. From the plains of the eastern region to the mountains in the west, to the hundreds of snaking rivers and Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, to the towering majesty of Budapest herself, the country is a thriving hub of activities for travelers of all levels.

Hungary is often considered to be the best place for first-time visitors to Central and Eastern Europe. It is ranked as one of the top 15 tourist destinations on the planet, and contains multiple World Heritage sites and UNESCO Biosphere reserves, along with several of the largest buildings of its kind in Europe, from the third largest church, called Esztergome Basilica, to the second largest Baroque castle in the world, called Godollo.

Budapest is the most logical starting point for visitors. The city is a bustling hive of modernity with plenty of cafes, clubs, museums, ancient buildings, culture, and more. Accommodations are plentiful, and extremely modern. Transportation is similar, and the cuisine is divine. From here you can look out over the rest of the country and plan your trip, whether it’s heading out to the medieval castle at Visegrad, or the Lover Hills. If you are someone who enjoys getting off the beaten path, then the northeastern part of the country should be part of your itinerary. The area is the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains which lead into Romania and Ukraine, and snakes along the border of Hungary and Slovakia. Whether you take a day trip to Eger, or head into the wine country of Eger and Tokaj, there is plenty of ethnic diversity and wonderful sights, sounds, and flavors just waiting to be discovered. The highways are in good condition, and this is one of those countries that is just a downright pleasure to explore from the comforts of your car.

Budapest #1 most popular location
The capital of Hungary, Budapest is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Straddling the mighty Danube River (at its most beautiful here), the city is full of par…
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Heviz #2 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews
Siofok #3 most popular location
Siofok is a town on the Southern side of Lake Balaton in Hungary. This city is popular for tourist, because it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in this country.
4travelers 1reviews
Gyor #4 most popular location
Győr is situated half way between Budapest and Vienna, at the junction of the rivers Moson-Danube, Rába and Rábca. In the Roman Times there was a significant settlement here called Arrabon…
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Sopron #5 most popular location
Sopron is situated near the western borders of Hungary, at the foot of the Alps, 70 km from Vienna and 220 km from Budapest. It creates a bridge between Hungary and its western neighbours, op…
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Balatonfured #6 most popular location
Pecs #7 most popular location
Pécs is the city of Mediterranean atmosphere It is a treasure-house of science, arts and sacrality. Several values of the Roman times, the Middle Ages, the Turkish occupation and the devel…
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Eger #8 most popular location
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Debrecen #9 most popular location
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Szeged #10 most popular location
Szeged is a pleasant peaceful and tranquil city rich in culture and heritage and the ideal getaway for travelers wishing to visit unspoilt territory. Szeged is very much a mini Prague and is …
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Keszthely #11 most popular location
Town of almost 23,000 inhabitants at the north-western corner of Balaton. One of the largest cities of Balaton shore, traditional cultural and educational centre, university town. Currently i…
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Miskolc #12 most popular location
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Buk #13 most popular location
Esztergom #14 most popular location
The population of the town is about 30,000. Esztergom, in the western gateway of the Danube Bend, the seat of the kings of the Árpád dynasty, is the centre of the Roman Catholic Church in H…
Sarvar #15 most popular location
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Mosonmagyarovar #16 most popular location
Mosonmagyaróvár is situated in the northwestern corner of the region defined by the latitude of 47-48° on the North and in the longitude of 17-18° on the East. This small region is juncti…
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Tihany #17 most popular location
The largest peninsula of Balaton, unique with its rich natural and historical values. Ferry-boats transporting cars and buses, too, from the southern edge of the peninsula. Currently popu…
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Szentendre #18 most popular location
Szentendre is a sweet cobblestoned village only about 20 km from Budapest. It is a place where many artists live(d). There are a lot of cafes and restaurants on the main square as well as alo…
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Visegrad #19 most popular location
The reputation of Visegrád, which is often called the gem of the Danube bend, is due to the beautiful landscape rich in monuments and the special harmony of the traditional cultural events. …
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Tata #20 most popular location
Tata is a baroque town with 24,000 inhabitants situated near the Vienna-Budapest motorway. The amazing beauty of its landscape ranks Tata among the must-see-sites of the Tourist Region in Cen…
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Szentgotthárd #21 most popular location
Szentgotthárd ist the westernmost town in Hungary. The former monastery and its baroque church is the major tourist attraction.
Lillafured #22 most popular location
Lillafüred, an administrative district of Miskolc, and one of the tourist resorts of the country with the most beautiful natural environment, lies on the eastern edge of the Bükk Mountains,…
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Budaors #23 most popular location
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Lake Balaton #24 most popular location
Lake Balaton is a fresh water lake in Hungary. The lake is one of the best holiday destinations of this country. The lake has a size of almost 5200 square meters and that makes it the biggest…
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Hegyeshalom #25 most popular location
Pannonhalma #26 most popular location
Tatabanya #27 most popular location
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Balaton #28 most popular location
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Fertod #29 most popular location
Lipot #30 most popular location
Hodmezovasarhely #31 most popular location
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Tapolca #32 most popular location
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Sumeg #33 most popular location
Lajosmizse #34 most popular location
Koszeg #35 most popular location
Diosjeno #36 most popular location
Totvazsony #37 most popular location
Revfulop #38 most popular location
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Kalocsa #39 most popular location
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Nagycenk #40 most popular location
Hortobagy #41 most popular location
Fertorakos #42 most popular location
Sarrod #43 most popular location
Ferihegy International Airport #44 most popular location