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#1 of 75 hotels in Hualien
TBXim says: "Its a boutique hotel located near Chishingtan beach in Xincheng, Hualien. The..."
#2 of 75 hotels in Hualien
davejo says: "As a hostel i would rate Amigos a great place to stay. Luckily i was there durin..."
#3 of 75 hotels in Hualien
goyourownway says: "N2410'12.18" E12134'17.31" We slept for two nights in August 2011 in a stand..."
Average Rate
#4 of 75 hotels in Hualien
portia says: "I booked this hotel online sorry, web site is in Chinese only, I rather doubt t..."
#5 of 75 hotels in Hualien
gingerbatik says: "We choose this hotel as it is close to train station in Hualien and we can walk ..."
#6 of 75 hotels in Hualien
Ideally located in the town centre is the Sleeping Boot Backpackers. Hualien Baseball Stadium is within driving distance of the...
#7 of 75 hotels in Hualien
The Colorful Taiwan Hostel's philosophy is to create a warm, cozy, and friendly environment for travelers of all ages. Our aim i...
#8 of 75 hotels in Hualien
We are close to the night market where guests can enjoy many cheap and delicious foods! Distance from the hostel is only eight m...
#9 of 75 hotels in Hualien
The Lienfook Hostelry is located in Hualien making it one of the best hotels to stay at while in town. The Lienfook Hostelry boa...
#10 of 75 hotels in Hualien
For the comfort and safety of guests, the Spring Autumn Hotel offers non-smoking rooms. Wi-fi is provided. Guests can order room...