How to survive in Veitastrond.

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Veitastrond, Norway

How to survive in Veitastrond. Reviews

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How to survive in Veitastrond. Nov 27, 2007
My hometown of Veitastrond, Norway, is a very small town. We have about 140 inhabitants, and the town itself are pretty closed in. But, I decided to write a little review of my hometown, in case some of you are considering visiting, or maybe you will consider it after reading this review.

As said, Veitastrond is a small, closed in place. The drive to Veitastrond is an experience in itself, but maybe a bit scary for some. The road is small, and bumpy. There's not enough room for to cars to drive by eachother, so you have to be careful around each bend and curve. If you meet a car, most of the time, you or the other car will have to go in reverse and find a small "pocket" so you can pass eachother. The drive from Hafslo, which is the closest village, to Veitastrond is on 30 km. For a local the drive takes about 30 minutes, but when it's your first time driving this road, I can almost guarantee you that you will use a bit more time! In addition to the roads beeing small and bumpy, you also meet some incredible scenery, with the Veitastrond Lake to the left and tall mountains at both sides and the opportunities for some great pictures!

But, why not take the bus you might say? Well, the only bus going to Veitastrond is the schoolbus at 14:40, but of course you are free to take the bus. But if you do decide to drive, do not freak out when you get to the tunnels. The tunnels are big black holes in the wall, and we have no light in them, which has been known to freak a few people out. If you're not to afraid of your car, you can take the old road on the outside of the tunnels, but that's indeed a bumpy road!

When you finally do arrive at Veitastrond, although you might have had a long and tiring trip to get there, I'm sure it will be worth it. The village starts where the Veitastrond river ("Sumelvi") ends and flows into the lake. We have one road cutting through the whole town, and the houses are placed on both sides of the road. This results in a very loooong town. From one end to another I guess its about 30 km or so, so it's just as long as the drive to the town.

We do not have many sleeping arrangements, so if do want to sleep indoors you should absolutly book ahead of time! We have as much as two options, some cabins, and another cabin. But we have a lot of fields where you can camp and set up tents.

Also, you should not depend on buying anything in Veitastrond!! We one shop, but the selection is poor, and you shouldnt be depending on buying stuff here. Although basics like toiletpaper and toothpaste should be fine. Vegetables and fruit especially I would recommend to bring with you.

After reading all this you might wonder why you should even bother to visit Veitastrond? Well, the scenery itself is a very good reason, and the Jostedal glacier is in a walking distance. In addition we have alot of different hiking routes.

If you come in the spring/summer you will experience cows, sheep and goasts wandering about, and if you're lucky you can even see the traditonal kettle-move, when we walk our kettle to the summer pastures. You can visit the pastures and if you ask the right farmer you can help gather the kettle, and maybe even get a try on hand-milking the cow or goat.

If you come in the fall you can go hunting, but if you come in the winter, you will experience snow like you've probably never seen before! We get insanly amounts of snow, sometimes 2 metres or more. We have avalanches almost to the day. And of course there's alot of skiing possibilities!

If I should mention something negative about Veitastrond, it would be that it might be a bit difficult to get in contact with the locals. We are shy, and a lot of us dont speak very well English. But of course, if you do approach us, we will try our best to help you.

And finally, here's a few rules of how to survive in Veitastrond:

1. Don't depend on eating out, as we have no resturants, bars or cafes.

2. Book your cabin in advance, as we only have a few.

3. bring a dictonary, as many of us speak english poorly.

4. Don't be afraid to drink the water, it is lovely, fresh and clean!

5. Do not drive fast, as there is no room for two cars to pass eachother!

6. Do not depend on buying important stuff at the local store.

7. Do not depend on refilling gas here, the closest busstation is in Hafslo.

8. We only have a food store, if you need anything for special outings or activities (fishing, cooking, skiing etc) you should buy this in "the big city", Sogndal.

And finally, if you want to visit Veitastrond, do not hesitate to ask me for any advice, or even for a little guided tour!
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