How to spot a foreigner in the Moscow crowd

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Moscow, Russia

How to spot a foreigner in the Moscow crowd Reviews

parabellum parabell…
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If you don't want to look like a tourist May 23, 2008
Many foreigners coming to Moscow aren’t happy at all about the attention they draw from the side of the police that check passports, visas and registrations in the streets and metro stations. Some foreign friends of mine were stopped by the police in the middle of Red Square 15 min after we’ve got their visas registered by the local authorities. While foreign tourists are not alone with this attention of the police (they also express their increased interest to visitors from other Russian regions and – twice a year – young men of call-up age as well), you may want to consider following some simple ‘dress code rules’ which can help you stay away from unnecessary attention of both police and some malefactors.

Even in the middle of summer, a tourist in Barcelona can be easily spotted for wearing his shorts. Moscow is pretty much the same when it concerns to detect a foreigner in the crowd. So, if you share the belief that better and deeper acquaintance with the city comes when you just try to follow the way local townsfolk act, think of avoiding typical outdoor outfit (of course, if weather allows) – e.g., colorful weatherproof jackets (rather appropriate at alpine slopes – to make you quickly spotted from a rescue chopper) and bagpacks (still bearing airline tags) with 1.5 l bottle of water attached to it.

Come on, you don’t have to go to Moscow with the thought ‘How will I survive there?” It’s just another megapolis with its busy but enjoyable – in its own way – lifestyle. And, I have to tell you – I can’t remember the last time when I saw a bear walking down the street!
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parabellum says:
If you do so, then you should expect that they will ask you where's the originals are :) The right way of behavior in this case is as old as the world: just don't loose your temper, stay cold-blooded - and you will be on top of the situation.
To my mind, that author you quoted sounds over-protective: even dirty cops won't mess with foreigners this way as they aren't so dumb to disregard the fact tourists can complain and put them into the serious trouble.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2011
lulalovestotravel says:
It doesn't matter what i wear or do...I'm expecting them to check my visa & registration....I read in a different blog that it is recommended to give the police officers a copy of your passport/visa instead of the real this true?
Posted on: Apr 16, 2011
parabellum says:
Right, and I fully realize my tip isn't all-embracing at all ;-)
Anyway, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay!
Posted on: May 22, 2008
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bvlbaseball bvlbaseb…
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Be Aware of Fake Rubles Jul 18, 2008
Be very careful when receiving change after a purchase or taxi. Fake 500 rubles are very popular and hard to distinguish. The best advice is to look at the back of every bill for a silver line that identifies a real bill.

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