How to ride the Metro in Paris

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How to ride the Metro in Paris Reviews

LadyMaytje LadyMayt…
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How to ride the Metro in Paris Mar 14, 2011
I went to Paris in november for the first time.

Using the metro wasn't that difficult.

You just have to look where the metro is going to and the fares aren't that expensive.

I bought a Paris Visite card for 3 Days.

Paris Visite is a travel card pass enabling you to use all the public transport services.

It is the best way to get around Paris and its region.

The Paris Visite pass consists of a travelcard and its ticket. Paris Visite comes in 1, 2, 3, or 5 consecutive days versions.

It provides unlimited rides on the transport system of the Ile-de-France region : Metro, RER (express regional trains), bus, tramway, suburban Transilien SNCF trains, funiculaire de Montmartre, Montmartrobus, Noctambus, Optile bus system, within a given fare zone (from 1-3, 1-6 to 1-8).

Once you get your pass, immediately fill in your name on the card.

Write down the card serial number on the ticket and write the date of first use.

But if you don't want to take the metro that much you can also buy a T+ ticket.

It is valid for a multi-transfer journey within one and a half hours from the first validation. It can be used on the whole Métro network, on buses, trams and in zone 1 of the RER.

The ticket allows unlimited transfers using the same mode of transport (i.e. Métro to Métro, bus to bus and tram to tram), between bus and tram, and between metro and RER zone 1.

When transferring between the Metro and the RER, it is necessary to retain one's ticket. The RER requires a valid ticket for entry and exit, even if it is only a transfer.

It costs €1.70 or in tens (a carnet) for €12.00.[10].
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Yellowball says:
what's the price for the paris visite card you suggest? it applies according to different zones?
Posted on: May 04, 2011
Yellowball says:
Hej hej, I'm very concerned about how using economically transportation in Paris, I would be there only 3 days on 10th may and as other visitors wandering popular recommended sight-seeing spots, and also visit Marseilles, what kind of ticket should I buy to enclose that 3 days?
Posted on: May 04, 2011
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Nat_Nat_Nat Nat_Nat_…
3 reviews
Metro station to be careful of May 02, 2011
Barbès Rochechouart metro station

This is a very dodgy metro station. When u come out of this station, u are mopped but men trying to sell u ciggarettes, they are very pushy & get very close to u. I was with my friend & they are very cleezy & try to grab u, so I would advise girls not to go at all by themselves & guys I would keep clear too.

I was told to go there as I was looking to buy a cheap unlocked mobile, as my unlocking code for my iPhone has not worked. They will also try & 'give u a metro ticket', but of course this is not for free, so be careful, I just ignored them & carried on.

If u have to go, go during the day, as wen u get out of te station, it's the same, them try to force u to buy fake perfume, bags, belts etc.
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Yellowball says:
gosh, then I need to accompany you :) cause I travel alone and this dodgy system will knock me out.
Posted on: May 04, 2011
FunnyDude FunnyDude
1 reviews
Be careful to go on the right platform. Jul 28, 2011
So, I'm not sure if I got it right, but apparently I have to write a travel review so I can answer to the nice guy who gave me some tips for my future travel to NYC (how's the metro there by the way ?).

The metro is ok, it's not always the same. Sometimes it's a shitty one, sometimes it's a nice futuristic one (the kind where you're like "wow dude I'm in the future"). The seats near the doors are kind of practical. Anyway, the one thing I really have to say about the metro in Paris is that you have to be careful about what platform you're on. I got mistaked more than once. Follow the directions carefully.

I had to indicate the cost, so I chose "cheap", but it can become very expensive if you get out and get in the station again more than 30 times (it can happen when you're lost). A ticket expires when you get out of a station. Oh, by the way, it would be a good idea to buy 10 tickets directly, at a counter. If you don't speak french, just learn how to say "Un carnet de dix s'il vous plaît" and you'll be all right if the chick is antipethetic as always and doesn't want to talk to you because she's making her plans for her 78th suicide attempt.
adventure2011 adventur…
9 reviews
Metro guide Jul 17, 2011
if you have a iPhone , download the App Metro... it's a worldwide Metro guide... select your cities and download.

It has all the stations in it and all you have to do is select or enter your starting station and destination station and "Voila" it gives you a step by step guide to get there... don't get lost again... no more opening a map in public, making you clearly visible as a "Tourist"... Travel like a local in any city in the world...
Sherifff Sherifff
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Metro in Paris May 25, 2011
To be able to travel in Paris, you better take the metro. It is fast & a cheap way compared to the Taxi. You can buy the Navigo, and according to the duration of your stay , you r charge it so you can use it to travel buy Metro or RER during ur stay. By the way, the RER is a kind of train inside Paris that also goes to zones outside. You use it for long travels from inside to outside Paris. But take care of the zones u r travelling to & from & be sure that the Navigo subscription include them. There r zone 1 & 2 & 3 & maybe more.
Charmink Charmink
6 reviews
Visite Paris Card Jul 29, 2010
I highly recommend to purchase the Visite Paris Card which gives access to Metro and RER in Paris for 1, 2, 3, 5 consecutive days. It comes cheaper if you have it for more than one day. I made a mistake of purchasing one day pass which cost me 9 Euro thinking that I can cover a lot of places to see. There is just so much to see that I ended up buying another card for one day pass the next day. If then I should have purchased for two days on my first buy, it could only cost me 14 Euro, which could have been a 4 Euro savings.

I bought the tickets at the information counter in Paris Est station and they provide a map for that as well. The metro is easy to use and very convenient way to get around Paris. The RER lines are a bit tricky that I ended up in the wrong station and took the Metro anyhow. The card is also valid for buses (which I didnt try) and I used it to come down on a furniculare from the Sacred Heart Church in Montmarte.
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buckthetrend buckthet…
6 reviews
How to ride the Metro in Paris Jan 29, 2009
So if you've been to NYC or any other major metropolitan city with decent public transportation then Paris is no different. Except for one little thing. . .you can ride for free!!! The buddy system is highly utilized there. So if you're traveling with a friend who has a metro pass have them swipe first, but not completely turn the guard rail. You follow closely behind them and quickly squeeze through. Just be careful for undercover narcs posing as regular people. If they approach you just play dumb, but always have a good metro pass in your pocket just in case. What if I don't have a friend who has a metro pass? Well, the buddy system even works with strangers. That means all you need to do is stand at the exit spot and wait for someone to exit. Once the automatic doors slide open to allow that person to exit you can go through. Some doors aren't automatic so the exiter has to push them open and i've witnessed exiters hold doors open for people who want a free ride. So when I write "the buddy system," believe it. Note: always be careful for narcs and have a valid ticket with you at all times.
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JoePink says:
Haha excellent advise, "great minds think alike"
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009

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