How to order food in a foreign country

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Surprise me! Mar 22, 2008
If you want to travel to a country, you better check-out what kind of local food they have. If you dare enough to try any exotic food, whatever it is made, then you simply do not need to make a survey first. But if you don't, I suggest you to read some information available on the internet.

There is many countries which usually put pig, some part, or the oil made from that animal which is not allowed to be eaten by moslems.

There are also some countries which utilize meat from unpopular animals, such as: bat, snake, dog, cat, bear, monkey, lizzard, insect, elephant, horse, and so on. Also, unusual parts of the animals, such as: eye, nose, tounge, claws, tail, innard, genital, and so on.

Make sure your level of tolerance on these kinds of meat before you try. Otherwise, you will throw-up shortly at the first bite. Also, make sure that you do not develop any allergy to a specific meat/ingridients.

If you have surveyed, then it is clear that you know where to go to when it comes to lunch or dinner time. If not yet planned, then you just go to a nearby restaurant, try the most crowded one. It must be delicious.

If you concern about how much it would cost, probably it is better to see the menu book or menu showed in the outside banners before you enter the restaurant. Usually it comes with the price. It is a bit embarassing if you have sat down inside but then decide to go away once you see the price of the menu :)

Try to ask the waiter/waitress what is contained in the menu you want to order. If she/he does not understand, the best is try to ask to people sorrounds you. Better ask if you do not want to get disappointed because of choosing the wrong menu.

If you do not want to get lost in reading the menu, just point at somebody else order and say by giving a sign to the waiter that you order the same meal as that other visitor ordered. Then, get a surprise of what you have chosen.

Happy eating!
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