How to get to Koh Larn, Pattaya from Bangkok, T

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How to get to Koh Larn, Pattaya from Bangkok, T Reviews

feline_p feline_p
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Awesome beach trip close to the city Jun 06, 2011
On my last two days in Bangkok, I decided to hit the beach. I learned from my travbuddy, the closest and worth visiting beach from Bangkok is in Pattaya which is about 2 hours away by bus. Pattaya is a busy city, an entertainment hub comparable to Patpong street in Bangkok. We were thinking of a quieter, and more relaxing destination to hang out and decided to go to a nearby island in Pattaya called Koh Larn.

A 40 minute boat ride from Pattaya will take you to Koh Larn island. There are average hostels to bunk in for the night there which cost between 1000baht-1200baht per night.There may be nicer ones which cost more depending on your preferences. A word of caution to fellow travelers, try getting your accommodation once you are on the island itself as it it cheaper by 300baht, and you get to preview the place that you wish to stay at. At the ferry boat dock, there will be some 'agents' promoting accommodations for you to stay at. But, it may not be the best of choice for you. Just go to the island, and once you are there, there will be people at the dock who will advertise their accommodations. Another thing that you can do is to rent a motorbike for 300baht a day, and explore the island to find the best of place to stay at.

If you wish to follow my path, this is how you can get there. In Bangkok, you go to Ekamai bus station.Buses leaving for Pattaya are frequent. The bus fare to Pattaya is a 113baht one way. Once you have reached Pattaya, you have to hop on a taxi truck to get to the boat dock. This short ride will cost you a 20baht. At the boat dock, you need to hop into a ferry boat which cost you a 30 baht per person. After a 40 minute boat ride, you will reach Koh Larn. One glance of Koh Larn gives me the impression of a fishing village flocked with locals and tourists alike. The island has less crowded areas which you should explore first before deciding on where to stay for the night.

As I mentioned earlier, the buses to Pattaya are quite frequent, but a word of caution for you is this, if you wish to visit the nearby islands in Pattaya such as Koh Larn, you have to make sure you reach Pattaya before 0300 pm or latest by 0330 pm because the last boat which leaves Pattaya to go to the island is at 4pm. After 4pm, your only option is to stay at the busy city of Pattaya and if you're looking for a quiet beach spot, I don't think you are going to enjoy yourself that much.

Koh Larn was amazing! For a short trip, it has everything more than I ever imagined from a beach escapade...I had a great company!! I had the beach to about 3am, it was just us and the sea!! The sand was soft and fine and the granules were gentle to my skin,the water was ever clear, not murky even after much splashing and tossing by the beach bums, the soft waves hit against me never failing to remind me, I am one with nature,and for body fuel,there are some eating and drinking joints by the beach to choose'm dying to go back there alright...I just wish I could...You should too.
Pattaya Beach
At the boat dock
In the ferry boat to Koh Larn
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feline_p says:
Thank you Soonthiam for the comment. Next, I plan to visit Koh Phangan..heard so much good things about the island...let's bring along the rest of the TBers, that should do we'll laugh from dusk till dawn..hehe
Posted on: Jun 13, 2011
soonthiam says:
Good review. Take me along next time you are going. :)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2011
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tristanhuntrx tristanh…
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Closest nicest Beaches/Island to Bangkok Jul 28, 2011
Koh Samet is relatively close to Bangkok, mch much cleaner and a lot less tourists than Pattaya. White sand and clear lue water! You can go by bus, or train they are both cheap and easy! I normally go by bus, if you go with friends, it just fly by! It's a nice closest beach and island to Bangkok :)
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atbrown1983 says:
Hi there. I just had an experience where I got scammed by a speedboat group and wanted to issue a word of warning to other would be travelers. I paid for round-trip passage to the island and back. I paid 1000 baht for a friend and I to get to the island and then was simply never picked back up after being told that the boat was "coming in an hour"...two and a half hours later still no boat and everyone else on the island had gone home. It was the last speedboat of the night and I was charged another 600 baht for my friend and I to get back. I went to the police and was told there was nothing they could do as I didn't have any receipt or anything. My advice is that if you really want to get to the island in a hurry the speedboat is still the way to go...but only buy a one-way trip there and a one way trip back. There are hundreds of speedboats so getting one isn't a problem once you are on the pier. Finding honest operators is the problem. Hope this message helps keep someone else from getting scammed!
Posted on: Aug 10, 2016
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