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Boracay, Philippines
How to get to Boracay IslaND - Puka Beach
How to get to Boracay IslaND - Sunset over White Beach.
How to get to Boracay IslaND - White Beach
How to get to Boracay IslaND - The small ferry after the big ferry.
How to get to Boracay IslaND - Caticlan port.
How to get to Boracay IslaND - Bulabog Beach

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Batangas to Boracay and Back Oct 18, 2014
To get to Boracay island from Manila via bus and ferry is pretty straightforward. Bus from Taft Bus Terminal in Pasay to Batangas pier:157 pesos, 2 hours travel time. 2GO ferry from Batangas to Caticlan (tourist class with a/c), ticket purchased at the pier:1031 pesos, 8-9 hours travel time. Blanket/pillowcase rental: 50 pesos + 50 pesos deposit. Phone charging stations are available throughout the ferry, and it costs 5 pesos for 10 minutes. Food from the cafe is rather expensive, so pack some snacks. Instant coffee served with Rebisco crackers: 32 pesos.

When the ferry docked at Caticlan, I had to pay 3 more fees that equaled 200 pesos. I then had to get on a small boat to get to Boracay island. From Boracay pier, I paid a pedicab 120 pesos to get to Bulabog Beach, which is a smaller beach, parallel to White Beach.

Bulabog Beach is mainly used for water sports such as kitesurfing. There's a cool viewpoint about a mile away from Bulabog Beach called Ocean Tower Viewpoint, which offers a great view of Boracay, entry fee: 70 pesos. Lodging seemed to be a lot cheaper on Bulabog Beach, and of higher quality than on White Beach. Levantin Resort, for $17/night, was very nice and clean. I stayed on Bulabog Beach for 3 days, then moved to a budget guesthouse near White Beach, Station 1. Dormitels Ph, $12/night for a room that was more of a closet/furnace and was hardly worth writing home about. It was quite close to the beach, shops, and restaurants though but very very dark at night, with lots of stray dogs on the surrounding streets.

Besides walking, pedicabs are the best way to get around the island. Puka Beach in a pedicab cost 150 pesos per way. I hired a boat for a 3 hour tour and that ran me 1500 pesos. Crystal Cove island charges 200 pesos entry fee.

I ate at Andok's (a budget chain restaurant) a lot, and that saved me quite a bit of money. Island prices are pretty inflated, but that goes without saying. A soda in Manila is 26 pesos, and a soda on Boracay is 45. No surprise.

On my final 3 days on the island, I moved to Moreno's Cottages by Station 3 to be closer to the pier. The ferry schedule conflicted with my schedule, so I ended up having to leave a day earlier. If you have wifi, do check the 2GO ferry website for ferry dates and times as they don't run every day, and sometimes, only once a day. Station 3 was so much quieter than Station 1, and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I paid $20/night for a big room with ample furnishings, crisp a/c, and big chairs on the deck for my to sprawl out on. The power went out quite a bit at Moreno's Cottages, and the pillows smelled a bit musty, but other than that, it was a good visit.

I had to leave at 5 a.m. and it was pissing down rain and thunder. Such cool lightning storms! The island was pretty much flooded, and I had to find a pedicab to take me to the pier. I found one in no time. Apparently pedicabs run all night. 100 pesos to the pier. Boat fee: 25 pesos, Port fee: 100 pesos, Terminal fee: 50 pesos. Fees fees fees. The small boat from Boracay to Caticlan takes about 7 minutes in good weather. That morning, it took us 20 minutes to get across. And the boat smelled like feet.

I had bought my ferry ticket at a travel agency called Klm International Leisure Service on Boracay for 956 pesos, super saver class. Ferry didn't start boarding til 8 a.m. so I went to Andok's across the way for some Tocino, 83 pesos. You have to get your ticket stamped and pay yet another fee, but no one told me this. I only figured it out when I was boarding and the girl looked at my un-stamped ticket inquisitively. Man, super saver class (yikes) and tourist class bunk beds are like night and day. Nevertheless, I fell asleep for about half the journey. When we arrived at Batangas port, there were buses lined up waiting to go to various destinations. I looked for one that said Pasay and hopped on it. It was a different company than the last bus and cost 167 pesos for the 2 hour journey. I've never seen a bus move so fast in my entire life. Cool trip.
Caticlan port.
The small ferry after the big ferr…
Bulabog Beach
Sunset over White Beach.
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venusKlP venusKlP
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Hot to get from Boracay to Manila the cheapest way May 13, 2013
If you want to get from Boracay island to Manila the cheapest way, this one is for you.

The cheapest way is to go on a ferry. The main company operating ferries is 2Go. The ferry picks up people at the Caticlan Jetty port and goes to Batangas. Batangas is a town near Manila so the ferry does not go directly to Manila. Once in Batangas, you will have to take a bus (more info further down).

The 2Go ferry ticket with linen costs PHP 970, without - PHP 920 (you buy the ticket at the 2Go office in Boracay located after D-Talipapa etc., just take a tricycle).

The departure time from Caticlan Jetty Port is 8 am except Tuesdays but they are always delayed so expect to start your ferry journey around 9:30.

Once on the ferry, take the lower bed because your lungs will freeze from the AC that blows directly over upper beds.

The standard meal on the ferry costs PHP 115 and includes a bowl of rice, crispy chicken leg, a salad and soft drink.

Hot dogs and chips are also available for up to PHP 35.

1 hour before arrival to Batangas go down towards the exit and wait there because people will pile up there willing to come out sooner to catch the bus sooner.

Once you're out, make your way towards the bus station where you see lots of buses with AC on them (super cool).

Depending on where you need to be in Manila, the cost ranges around PHP 167 if you go to Ayala station.

Once on Ayala station, you can catch a Fort Bus (costs PHP 12) which will take you in any direction within Fort Bonifacio area.

That's pretty much it. Good luck!
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Apurva_N says:
Interesting. I did the Boracay-Manilla leg by flight just this last November. If I had known this, maybe I would've tried it... :)
Posted on: Sep 27, 2013
idareu2bhappy idareu2b…
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Boracay Islands, Philippines Apr 23, 2011
Boracay Islands Philippines is one the pride of The Philippines sceberies and beaches. I went to Boracay the first time last march 2011 with 3 of my colleagues. We went to white beach resort condotel and the people there were very warm, accomodating, and always helpful and every way. The location pf our hotel was accessible to all the hotspots of the island including restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, etc. The hotel was a very affordable as well with a fine quality of rooms and services.
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mabby mabby
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Getting to Boracay Island, Philippines Jun 10, 2008
There are more than the usual options now to get to Boracay Island.

If coming from Manila or Cebu,there are now direct flights to Caticlan in Aklan, (the gateway to the island) via Philippine Airlines Express, and Cebu Pacific Air.

You can also take the 5 hour Bus from Iloilo City (Ceres Liners) if you want to be more cost effective as the air conditioned buses only charge 350 to 400 pesos for a one way trip. The terminal for such buses is at Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo City. Trips start from 3:00 am and the last trip 2:00 pm. Private Vans can also be hired from Iloilo City with prices ranging from 3500 to 4000 pesos one way (7000 pesos round trip)and highly recommended if travelling in groups of 7 to 10.

Upon arriving at the Caticlan Wharf. Non Aklan residents (the province where Boracay is part of) and Tourists have to pay 50 pesos (1USD) for the enviromental fee, another 50 pesos for the terminal fee and 20 pesos for the 15minute pump boat fare to Boracay Island. At Boracay Island, pedicabs will take you to anywhere in the Island for 20pesos/head or if you want to occupy the whole pedicab/tricycle you can have it for 100 pesos. :)

Hope this helps! :)
Amrisalem says:
thank you, will sure make note of that
Posted on: May 05, 2010

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