How to find a Travbuddy and travel together

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How to find a Travbuddy and travel together May 07, 2010
finding a travbuddy to travel together is not easy as it looks because we never know what kind of personality we would gonna end up with.

being a member of travbuddy since the start of 2007, i had travelled with some members of the travbuddy community which became and/or (before) great friends.

i will share the aspects of my experiences in finding travbuddies and the success of travelling together.

*putting a trip together*

putting and brainstorming a trip together with other travbuddies can be a bit of challenge because not all of us can fit into a certain trip. the trick whether this travbuddy would fit into your organized trip is to look into their most memorable travel experiences, if you have similarities of what happened to your past trips is a great advantage of you being compatible with the travbuddy/ies or else a travbuddy could be a thorn among the roses or you could be the rose among the thorns. one of the best ways to attract travbuddies on your organized trip is to present it in a detailed way, cost of the trip, expenses during the trip, what would the theme of the trip be, what makes it different and how to keep the travbuddies interested and not be bored during the whole course of the trip - transparencies in rhe setting.


i think one of the common denominators to be considered when travelling together are likes/dislikes. it is easy to find out if you are compatible to someone by looking at their interest/books/music from their profile. it is a best way of starting to communicate with one another by sharing about your favorite books/music/movies, favorite thing to do if on a trip, if you both go for the touristic spots or off the beaten track. these informations gathered from each other makes travelling lighter and comfortable together.

*attending travbuddy meet-ups*

attending travbuddy meet-ups is the perfect way to meet travbuddies and travel in the future. as you constantly chat with them, there is no better way to meet them in person and get to know each other face to face because chatting is practically virtual and sometimes, people put on masks and they are not what they seem to be in chat and it would be a disaster if you found out after the virtual world that your'e both incompatible. after attending travbuddy meet-ups, you will know who's who in your travel wavelenght.

*knoweldge of more than one language*

speaking and knowing more than just one language really helps. not only by communicating through a country you're travelling in but also through constant chatting and communicating with travbuddies who offered to show you in their hometown. while it is NOT A BIG PLUS, it would make the travbuddy of that specific country to gain more trust about your personality. although i said its not a big plus but ITS A GREAT ADVANTAGE, as i was invited to stay and sleep in the homes of the travbuddies i visited, not only getting to know them but their families too and a great bonus: LEARNING THE CULTURE AND BEING PART OF IT.

*age is not a problem*

age gap while travelling together is not an issue, as long as both of you share the same interests. i had travelled with travbuddies with 10 years of age gap, but we did not had any issues while travelling together, in fact this is the best situation in times of misfortunes because eventhough youve both have a huge age difference - one can learn from each other.

*constant communication*

remember to keep constant communication of the travbuddies you want to travel with, it is better, because it will not leave you both in of the dark in case one of you would change plans.

*a good sense humor*

a good sense of humor is one of the charecteristics i look for if i want to travel with a travbuddy. i do not want to be stuck with a person who has serious perspectives in life because it would take out the fun in travel and remember, a good sense of humor is the greatest strenght in times of misfortunes and misadventures that would happen along the way.

*travelling with a travbuddy from the same country*

is probably the best bet for first time travbuddies who wants to travel with other travbuddies because there would be certain situations that only yourselves could understand: jokes in your language, understanding in your culture, food preferences and little things that we take for granted while travelling.

and lastly,

*its a risk you have to take and hope for the best*

i hope you like my review about "How to find a Travbuddy and travel together".


what i have written here are based from my experiences travelling with travbuddies and became my great friends - and to be honest, till now, i do not have any bad experiences travelling with a travbuddy/buddies. there were misunderstandings and arguments along the way, of course it happens that things get wrong, but in the end everything turned out right.
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lauro says:
thank you sas - i hope its a good guidline to find travel buddies!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2010
shasya says:
this is truly heartwarming and inspiring. thanks for sharing lauro :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2010
LuzDeVida says:
Nice review! Thank you! It's a good start for my futur big trip to Iceland :)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
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