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How to Make Money to Travel Jun 12, 2010
So, you want to travel, but have one catch- you're out of cash! Here's a list of things I have done that have proven to raise money to keep me going. I'm sharing, unabashedly, all the ways I have tried to make some money to get me across the globe. Check it out- take my ideas or use them to spawn your own!

1. Work. I know, it's kinda lame to start with work, but it's true. A steady job, even if it's temporary, will go a long way to get you where you need to go. I have found that, if the only thing I do to raise money is work, just 3 months of work easily produces enough funds to take off for a couple of weeks.

-1a. But, here's the catch about working. What's the difference between myself and my friends, who work as much as I do and for the same amount of money? I don't spend my money on useless stuff--this includes nights out at the bar. My income goes first to pay for essentials like bills, and then everything else that I don't have a dire need to spend for gets stashed into savings. To save money fast, you MUST learn the basic principle of living modestly to achieve what you want. Only you can establish what's necessary to spend and save, but I bet you can save a lot more than you think! Get creative with budgeting.

Ok, now that we have THAT out of the way...

2. Write letters. This works if you are doing something that people would deem worthy of donations, like volunteer work. I did this one time and had enough money to cover my airfare, all of my expenses, plus money to pour into the orphanage I was working with, and I STILL had money I had to just give away on the last day! And ALWAYS show gratitude to those who give- send a postcard with a special message to them.

3. Look for grant/scholarship opportunities. If you are still a student, your university could very well have a scholarship fund for traveling abroad. My school did, and I applied, and I got it! It's often a lot of work to show you are responsible and know what you are doing (and most importantly, why it benefits your school to give you the money), but when I received that USD$1000 grant, it was all worth it.

3. Garage sale! Have you or your family been stashing every item over the last generation or two? Time to sell it. Garage sale tips are an entirely different topic, but here's an important and unique one: advertise that you are traveling. I did a garage sale with my signs as "Moving to Africa- Everything MUST GO!" Dozens of people said they came just because they were curious and wanted to talk to me. I also put up a display about what I was doing and why, with a donation jar. Make your garage sale unique! I range in making anywhere from USD$40-$80 an HOUR!

4. While you're doing your garage sale... sell everything you've got. You'll be extremely surprised just how little you can live with. It's a great philosophy to live by, too. I even sold my car. Who needs a car, especially when it's an instant several thousand in your wallet?! Cha-ching!

5. Look for one-time gigs. Like my new hair cut? I got paid USD$450 to have my hair cut and colored and then walk the runway a total of 9 times. Not only did I get an awesome cut, but I made instant cash with very little work put into it. Put on your confidence and your smile and you can get these kinds of jobs. Check for them on Craigslist, network with the modeling industry, or if you're really serious, get an agent that will find jobs for you (for a cut of your income).

6. Get to be known as the "flexible" person in your community, whether that's your neighborhood, school, church, or Bridge club. You can pick up all kinds of odd jobs if people can count on you to mow their lawn, watch their kids, or whatever else. I made USD$490 for cooking one meal a day for exchange students for a week while their host family was on a cruise.

7. Sell your books on Amazon, not at your garage sale! Unless you have an out-of-print book that no one is looking for or the bestseller that everyone has, you can make quite a bit off of selling things on Amazon, especially if you have recent edition college books. It's put an extra US$550 in my pocket.

8. Just get creative. Only you know what kinds of talents are lurking that can rake in money, what kinds of collections are actually investments, or other resources available to you. Some of the things I've mentioned can be done only once (once you sell a book on Amazon, it's gone!). But all it takes is a start, and then you'll start discovering your groove for making money.

Let the money making begin!
Ka-pow! Get paid $450 to look and …
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ariwardani says:
These are great tips, Leslie! Really like it. Especially you put some effort in writing this review...
Posted on: Oct 20, 2011
Eric says:
Great tips, thanks for sharing!
Posted on: Jun 12, 2010
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