How I got rid of abussive sellers in Morocco

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How I got rid of abussive sellers in Morocco Reviews

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How I got rid of abussive sellers in Morocco Jul 31, 2011
Ofcourse.. Ofcourse everyone knows who have been there

what it feels like to walk on by streets of Medinas in Egypt,

Tunisia, Morocco.

Guys who sell stuff there grab you by your hand, won't let you go, would not stop talking, it takes you a minute to get rid of one, then the next one comes, a lot of people, i mean a LOT of people find it irritating; so did I.

At a time when I visited morocco I was coming back from my west Africa trip, I'd say I became battered from poor children surounding you in Mali every day begging for money, like every day for a month, 10-20 of them, I know where to find that many yes :) and in the end you become oblivious to what they say, so on attempt of Moroccan sellers to approach me, they never made past first glance on my face, they retreated, no attempt to break through, the message was clear, you not gonna get past me..It worked perfect, some of the sellers, was perhaps an unexperienced seller, who just did not approach to you as person trying to convince you, evaluating you, but rather approached to you as to an object, simply talking buy my stuff, he handed a knife to me, I let him do this, so i took knife and kept on walking, he had culture shock in Morocco for sure.

He did not understood what is going on, followed me, praising the knife, i said yes yes thanks for present, cya!

so he sulked, smiled and said you have to pay for it.

I said no, it was a present for your side, and now you say this!!! how can you ?? you are not my friend ? what are you doing ? the guy perhaps did not expect me use same tactics they ussually try on us, so he took his hands on knife and said no you got to pay, there were many other sellers in Marrakesh who were watching and laughing at the situation.

Don't understand me wrong please, I had no problems of pushing the situation to call a policeman to tell him that this guy said that this was a present from him and now he says that I have to pay, just to see the outcome, for the sake of the situation, to see into what it would have developed, not out of bullyiness, but out of fun, out of experience of this comic situation and total immersion into culture. But i did not do that, I let the guy ggo with his knife, he was happy just to get it back :))
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