Hospital in Bolgatanga, Ghana

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Bolgatanga, Ghana

Hospital in Bolgatanga, Ghana Reviews

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Public Hospital, don't go there!!!! Feb 26, 2008
If you're so sick you need medical help, go to a private clinic!!! I ended up in a public hospital in the northern part of Ghana, in the town Bolgatanga.

I was really sick and was brought to this hospital. I was lucky there were Dutch girls working as vollunteers. They arranged a bed for me at the Emergency ward after I fainted.

It took two hours of waiting before I could see a doctor who wrote down what my problems were. After that another hour waiting before the lab took my blood for testing it.

When I came in the Emergency Ward I was one of the first. Later it filled up with sick people. Sceaming, throwing up, coughing, shitting, and what ever more happend in front of me. Toilets were filled up to the edge with shit and the room with TBC patients was next door.

After a few hours the lab results came. I had typhoed. But I already got IV for malaria... So I didn't want to have that medicine. The head doctor was angry with me for not taking that IV. I did got IV for typhoed. Don't ask how many time the nurse tried to get the needle in my vain. I didn't sleep for the night. Was too scared. In the morning a young boy died, because doctors didn't know how to do CPR...

24 hours in the hospital, including all the medicins, costed me 25 euros...

So, in private clinics you pay a little more money, but nurses and doctors are better educated. It's way better for your health!!!!
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Globevoyager says:
Yeah, I heard the hospital in Tamale is pretty bad too. Sounds like you had a pretty nasty experience too. Lucky for you too hear the story before arriving in the US.
Posted on: Dec 28, 2009
sassicassi says:
I know the feeling! I was sick and went to the hospital in Tamale while traveling in the north! I ended up having ulcers in my esophagus from a doxycycline pill that did not make it to my stomach before dissolving...but yet i was given prescriptions for four different medications. I asked what was wrong with me and the doctor replied "I don't know but you'll be fine in three days." Ugh! I ended up getting so weak/in pain that I couldn't even drink water never the less eat. I ended up flying home a few days early (lucky me this was the end of my trip!) and found out on the plane what was wrong from a girl who's friend had it. Turns out it's very common. She also saved me thousands of dollars and a possible quarantine in the US when I got home! I have no medical insurance and an unknown illness coming from Africa?! Yikes!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
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