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Whether you see it as a remnant of colonial times, a meeting of east and west or a great place to go shopping, there’s no doubting one thing: Hong Kong is one of the most intriguing cities in the world. For all the expats and fake designer brands, you’ll find a bustling hub with a cultural undertone that’s unmistakably Chinese.

The tourist sites in Hong Kong are quite superlative. An evening stroll up one of the island’s hills – Victoria Peak being the classic route - will give you the chance to take that timeless Hong Kong skyline photo, while you can garner a similar experience in velvety luxury by heading for cocktails in the trendy, scraper-topping sky bars. A trip across the harbor on the iconic star ferry gives another angle on the skyscrapers & the Symphony of Light show; if you prefer to ogle the cliffs, the Ocean Park Cable Car gives a terrifyingly steep view down the forested hillsides into Deep Water Bay.

There are plenty of bargains to be found amongst the jostling crowds, with early mornings reputably the best time to grab them. A dawn bowl of juk – rice porridge – makes the perfect sunrise pep up, while later in the day you can indulge in steamed pork buns and – for the courageous – a warm bowl of she gang, snake soup. Elsewhere, there are countless temples and museums to explore, and even a horse racing circuit and theme park to take in.

Of course, it’s not all about the city. Hong Kong’s countryside – especially the beautiful outlying islands – has a growing reputation amongst hikers, bikers and climbers as an inspiring an accessible spot to indulge. Boat trips take you to surprisingly secluded island beaches, where harbors full of flaking boats crawl out to sea and the extensive bird life helps you forget the city’s only an hour or two away. Don't miss the exhilarating Ngong Ping cable car to Lantau island, giving unparalleled views of the giant Buddha, and take a trip to the Po Lin monastery for some peace and spirituality.

Hong Kong’s an iconic city, and from sampling food from the night stalls to stocking up on Chinese medicine and designer brands at Stanley Market, there’s plenty of exhilarating, culturally diverse encounters to be had. Then, of course, there’s Jackie Chan…..and ~ Disneyland! yoohoo!!
The electronic market is good but the prices are close to European union so not found occasionally cheaper.

Hong Kong #1 most popular location
Hong Kong is a beautiful city with something to do for every age and type of traveller. Public transportation is excellent and is accessed using the "Octopus" card. Travel times between dif…
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Central #6 most popular location
Central (中環 also Central District; Cantonese: Choong Wan or Chung Wan), the central business district of Hong Kong, was commonly known as part of Victoria City. It is an area on the north…
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Great Place to Live
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