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Hong Kong Overview

Hong Kong is a beautiful city with something to do for every age and type of traveller. Public transportation is excellent and is accessed using the "Octopus" card. Travel times between different parts of Hong Kong rarely exceeds one hour.

The natural language is Cantonese, but everyone in the tourist areas speaks enough English to convince you to eat their food or purchase their goods.

The food is inexpensive and delicious, but dietary restrictions are discouraged if you want to be submerged in the full experience. There really isn't anything like the small corner shops that sell beefball or tofu on a stick. It is also crucial to try the sugar cane juice (green bottle).

Shopping designer brands are near the tourist traps in Tsim Sha Tsiu or Central, but these price ranges are similar to those found in New York City. Underground shopping for cheap and fun gifts should be bought in one of the street markets. The shopping for specific genres are especially convenient. There are streets devoted to cars, Gundams, silver, watches, shoes, etc. Prices are generally the same, but certain shops have special supplies. It also encourages sales to form bonds with customers to return to their services.

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